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Tampa, Florida — Jay’Lan Hill is a star quarterback at Middleton High School in Tampa.

This extraordinary student is an outdoor star in the classroom, the army, and even in a hairdresser.

That’s right, it’s a hairdresser. Some are functional in the center of the campus.

Jay’Lan is studying stylist trading at the school’s only Tiger Claw’d Barbershop. This is a real dressing and salon that trains students in their career potential.

“What I like about this class is that I can prepare for the real world,” says Renaissance man Jaylan.

These real-world lessons are taught by educators around the world, Stephanie Grooms. Stephanie Grooms helps young men and women in her program learn every aspect of salon life, from the technical side to how to treat themselves professionally.

Students can also obtain state accreditation.

“The groom taught me to believe in myself and push beyond the limits,” said Julio Desmarat, a graduate of the program that did just that and even launched his own product line. say. D’Vinee Roots Hair Care.

The groom can’t help but take pride in exploding when he sees his students doing past and present work.

“It’s great to see them do everything I’ve taught them, without reminding them,” she says. “It’s embedded, and they treat themselves with such professionalism. I’m torn!”

Soon, Tiger Claw’d will be open to the public with discounts on haircuts and services.

(Full Disclosure: I’m a happy customer and have undergone a sharp cleanup cut by Jay’Lan. I look good!)

For more information on Tiger Claw’s hairdresser, click here.

Tiger Claw’d Barbershop keeps Tampa students styling Source link Tiger Claw’d Barbershop keeps Tampa students styling

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