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Los Angeles-GolfStar Tiger Woods had a leg injury and surgery on a vehicle rollover in the suburbs of Los Angeles on Tuesday, officials and his manager said. Click here for the latest information on Woods status..

A timeline of memorable events in Woods’ career:

August 1996-Win three consecutive US Amateur Championships and turn professional the following week.

October 1996-Won Las Vegas Invitational for the first PGA Tour victory in the 5th Pro Tournament.

April 1997-At the age of 21 he won the Masters with a record score (270) and a record victory margin (12 shots), becoming the youngest champion.

June 2000-15 shots at the US Open at Pebble Beach. This is the largest margin in major championship history.

April 2001-Completed “Tiger Slam” and won the Masters to become the only player to hold all four pro majors at the same time.

October 2004-Married to Elin Nordegren.

June 2007-Nordegren gave birth to his first child, Samantha, the day after Woods finished second at the US Open.

June 2008-In the playoffs at Torrey Pines, he won the US Open in his 14th major, four times below Jack Nicklaus’ record. A week later, he underwent reconstructive surgery on his left knee, repairing two stress fractures, an ACL rupture and his left tibia. He has been out for eight months.

February 2009-Wife gives birth to son Charlie.

August 2009-Woods loses a two-shot lead in the final round of the PGA Championship to YE Yang for the first time in a major loss of 54 holes.

November 2009-Outside his home in Windermere, Florida, he crashed an SUV into a tree and a fire hydrant. Within a few weeks, his personal life was unveiled in reports of multiple extramarital negotiations, and he lost the approval of a major sponsor. He spends 45 days in the clinic and will not return to golf until the 2010 Masters.

August 2010-His divorce confirmed.

March 2012-Win Arnold Palmer Invitational for his first PGA Tour victory since his personal life scandal.

April 2014-I had my back surgery a week before the Masters and missed Augusta National for the first time.

August 2014-Missing the PGA Championship cut, he says he will rest the rest of the year, including the Ryder Cup, to be healthy.

February 2015-Looked like an amateur in a short game, shot 82 shots at the Phoenix Open and missed a cut. A week later, at Torrey Pines, I will withdraw after 11 holes. “My play and score are unacceptable for tournament golf,” he said, announcing that he was taking a break to work on the game.

April 2015-Returning to the Masters, his chipping problems are gone and he is tied for 17th place.

June 2015-Shoot 85 in the third round of the Memorial, his highest professional score.

August 2015-Miss his third consecutive major cut at the PGA Championship.

September 2015-I have a second back surgery.

October 2015-There is a third step on the back.

December 2015-At a solemn press conference at his Hero World Challenge, Woods said of his future, “So where is the light at the end of the tunnel? I don’t know.” He says he wants to play again and everything else he achieves will be “gravy”.

January 2017-Start the first PGA Tour since 2015 and miss the cut at Torrey Pines.

April 2017-There is a fourth back surgery to heal the lower back.

May 2017-Arrested in Jupiter, Florida on suspicion of drunk driving and temporarily imprisoned. Police found him sleeping behind the steering wheel of the car early in the morning with the engine running. He attributed it to a bad combination of painkillers.

October 2017-Woods pleads guilty to reckless driving and agrees to participate in a detour program. The prosecutor will withdraw the DUI fee based on a judicial transaction.

December 2017-Returned to competition in his Hero World Challenge, posting three rounds in the 1960s, ten shots behind and tying in ninth place against the 18-man field.

July 2018-Take the lead in the final round of the British Open, make a double bogey on the 12th hole and finish in 6th place tie.

August 2018-Ended in 64, the lowest final round ever in Major League Baseball, second only to Brooks Koepka in the PGA Championship.

September 2018-Winning the 80th career victory on the PGA Tour, winning the Tour Championship and leaving two shy people on Sam Snead’s record.

April 2019-Won the Masters with the 5th Green Jacket and 15th Major Title for the first time in 11 years. He will move within three wins from Jack Nicklaus’ major championship record.

December 2020-5th back surgery, discectomy.

February 23, 2021-In a car accident in the suburbs of Los Angeles, he was released from a fallen vehicle and suffered a leg injury requiring surgery.

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