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Bahamas, Nassau-Tiger Woods has nothing to say about the February car accident that smashed his right foot, and it’s a long time to decide if he can compete with the best players on what the future of golf will be. I didn’t know at all, except that there was a way. ..

“I can show up here, host an event, play a par 3 course, hit a few shots, and chip and putt,” he said on Tuesday. “But we’re out there talking about playing against the best players in the world on the most difficult golf courses under the most difficult conditions.

“I’m far from it.”

Woods told the media for the first time since then His February 23 crashed on a winding road on the outskirts of the Los Angeles coast... Police said he was driving at least 84 mph when he crossed the median and his SUV rolled down the hill.

According to doctors, he crushed the tibia and fibula of his right leg in multiple places. They were stabilized by a tibial rod. A combination of screws and pins was used to stabilize additional ankle and foot injuries.

When asked about the memory of the accident, Woods casually said, “All of these answers were answered in the investigation, so you can read them all in the police report.” When asked if there was a flashback to the trauma, he replied: “I don’t, no. I’m so lucky.”

Woods said he felt lucky to be alive and have his right foot. The possibility of amputation was “on the table” and I was able to enter the press center of the Albany Golf Club without any noticeable drag. His biceps were swollen in a black and gray shirt, and from the waist up, he looked the same as he did a year ago.

Woods is the host of the Hero World Challenge, which begins Thursday for 20 elite players.

He said he spent three months stuck (a temporary hospital bed was set up at his home in Florida) before he started moving on crutches and eventually became able to walk alone. .. Two weeks ago he posted a video that swings smoothly with a short iron.

It aroused the hope that he would be on his way home. On Tuesday, he put a brake on the idea that a comeback was near. It has not yet been decided if he even wants to do the work he needs to compete at a high level.

“There is a long way to go to that point,” he said. “Now I haven’t decided if I want to reach that point. I need to reach out to a point where I can make that decision, and what happens when I reach that point I will look at. “

What was clear was that his future golf was limited and was already in that direction before the car accident. He played only nine times in 2020, when the pandemic was shortened, and finished the year with a fifth surgery on his hips.

Still, I could see a scenario of choosing and choosing a place to play around the major, as Ben Hogan did after the fatal car accident in 1949. Woods won the Masters in 2019 after fusion surgery on his back. A few years after he was barely able to walk and was afraid that his career was over.

“I got that last major, and I checked two more events along the way,” he said.

The other two are the 2018 Tour Championship, which surpassed Rory McIlroy in the final round at East Lake, and the Zozo Championship, which was held in Japan in the fall of 2019 with the 82nd PGA Tour victory that set Sam Snead’s record. bottom.

Can he win again?

“I need to have enough ability to do that,” he said.

His right foot will not be like it used to be. Same as above on the left knee, which underwent five surgeries a week after winning the 2008 US Open, despite ligament shredding and double stress fractures. He said his back wouldn’t be the same, and even if he was sitting at the table for his press conference, it still hurt.

Woods will be 46 years old on December 30th.

“Combining all this means a complete schedule, a complete practice schedule, and the recovery needed to do it. No, I don’t want to do that,” he said. rice field. “But to get ready for several events a year … I can’t do that and there’s no reason to feel ready.

“I stopped the long furlough and either won or approached the win before,” he said. “So I know the recipe for it. I have to get to a point where I feel comfortable enough to be able to do it again.”

Woods has interviewed since the accident Golf digest A video interview with a Discovery-owned outlet published on May and Monday (he has a financial deal). He also keeps in touch with American players at the Ryder Cup, and says that the players he is close to are in contact. But he hasn’t lost his strong desire for privacy, such as what happened when he was driving on the roads outside Los Angeles at high speeds.

He said his friend kept him away from what was said and written about him and refused to watch anything on television except for sports.

“I didn’t want to go down that road. I wasn’t mentally ready for that road yet,” he said. “At that time, many things in my body were hurt, and it was still hurt, whether or not I was taking the drug …. I still don’t want my heart to go there It wasn’t ready. “

The Masters, on the other hand, were four months away, and when I heard Woods talk about the long way to go, it seemed unlikely other than a Masters Club dinner for the Champions. Woods said everything was a short-term goal.

“This year was the year I wanted to turn on the page,” he said.

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