Tiger Woods was driving almost 90 in a 45 mph zone when he crashed his SUV – Twin Cities

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Los Angeles — Tiger Woods drives nearly 90 mph (twice the speed limit) on downhill roads when it crashes in a wreck that lost control of an SUV on the outskirts of Los Angeles and seriously injured a golf superstar. Officials said Wednesday.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva blamed the February 23 crash solely for overspeeding and loss of control behind Woods’ steering wheel. Athletes will not face a third prominent clash quote for the first time in 11 years.

“The main causes of this traffic accident were driving at dangerous speeds for road conditions and the inability to negotiate road curves,” the sheriff said at a press conference.

Woods was driving 84-87 mph (135-140 km / h) in an area with a speed limit of 45 mph (72 km), according to Villanueva.

Road extensions are known for shipwrecks and drivers who frequently hit high speeds. Due to the steep lanes, there is a runaway truck escape lane just ahead of where Woods crashed.

Sheriff Captain James Powers, who oversees the sheriff’s station closest to the crash site, has no evidence that the golfer tried to brake, and investigators accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. He said he believed. At that time, he was wearing a seatbelt and SUV airbags were deployed.

Sheriff officials said Woods had told his agent that he had never taken any medicine or consumed alcohol before the crash.

“These questions were asked and answered,” Powers said.

The detective did not seek an investigation warrant for drugs, alcohol, or blood samples that may have been screened for his cell phone. Authorities said there was no evidence of disability or inattentive driving, so there was no possible cause for obtaining a warrant. Investigators searched for an SUV data recorder known as a black box. This revealed the speed of the vehicle.

No traffic ticket was issued. Sheriffs said Woods had given authorities permission to reveal the details of the crash.

On Twitter, Woods thanked the people who called 911 and the first responders who pulled him out of the shipwreck and brought him to the hospital.

“I will continue to focus on my recovery and family and thank you for the overwhelming support and encouragement I received during this very difficult time,” Woods said in a statement posted after the press conference. ..

According to the document, Woods told lawmakers he didn’t know how the crash happened and didn’t remember driving. At the time of the wreck, Woods had recovered from his fifth back surgery two months ago.

Originally from the Los Angeles area, Woods went home to host his PGA tournament, the Genesis Invitational at the Riviera Country Club, when the crash struck.

He was driving an SUV lent to him by a tournament when he launched a median strip at Rolling Hills Estates, just outside Los Angeles. The SUV crossed two opposite lanes, uprooted a tree, and struck a tree at 75 mph (120 km).

The athlete is in Florida and is recovering from multiple surgeries, including a lengthy procedure for crushing the tibia and fibula of the right lower extremity in multiple locations. They stabilized with his tibial rod. Additional injuries to his foot and ankle bones required screws and pins.

Woods, 45, has never spent a year without playing, dating back to his first PGA Tour event when he was 16 in high school. He wanted to play this year in the Masters Tournament starting Thursday.

Four-time major golf champion Rory McIlroy, who lives near Woods in Florida, said he visited him on March 21st.

“I spent a few hours with him. It was good. It was nice to meet him,” McIlroy told the Masters on Tuesday. “I’m glad he met him in a decent spirit. When I heard these things and saw the car and the crash, I think he’s been in the hospital bed for six months. But he’s actually It worked better than that. “

In the weeks following the crash, sheriffs called it “purely an accident” and said there was no evidence of impairment. Villanueva faced criticism for labeling the accident as an accident before the investigation was completed and repelled allegations of golfstar special treatment on Wednesday.

“It’s absolutely wrong,” he said.

This is the third time Woods has been involved in a vehicle survey.

The most notorious example was when his SUV hit a fire hydrant and hit a tree early in the morning after Thanksgiving in 2009. The crash was the beginning of a shocking revelation that he was fooling multiple women and wives. He was quoted for inadvertent driving and was fined $ 164. Woods also lost a major corporate sponsor, went to a rehab clinic in Mississippi, and didn’t return to golf for five months.

In May 2017, Florida police found him sleeping behind the steering wheel of an awkwardly parked car on the side of the road. He was arrested on charges of drunk driving and later stated that he had an unexpected reaction to prescription drugs due to back pain. Woods pleaded guilty to reckless driving and checked in to the clinic for prescription drugs and help with sleep disorders.


The Associated Press golf writer Doug Ferguson of Augusta, Georgia contributed to this report.

Tiger Woods was driving almost 90 in a 45 mph zone when he crashed his SUV – Twin Cities Source link Tiger Woods was driving almost 90 in a 45 mph zone when he crashed his SUV – Twin Cities

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