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Hanford, CA-In a park in the central California town of Hanford, California, Leo Gonzalez laughs about a skit trying to record with a friend. Ticktaku..

One of his recent TikToks has won over 11 million views and about 2.5 million likes, which is not uncommon.

The latest TikTok star is a bilingual creator from the Central Valley of California that has attracted the attention of celebrities such as Will Smith, Marshmello and George Lopez, with over 1.3 million followers and over 40 million likes in less than two years. I have won.

Gonzales has succeeded in creating a video with a perspective that mixes his comedy and culture with everyday situations.

In one video titled “When a Cashier Explodes Your Order,” he plays a Mexican restaurant worker, calling on someone to order a large number of orders. In another example, he plays Quinceañera’s DJ on a microphone in an attempt to get the girl’s attention at a party.

His big break happened when he impersonated Univision’s anchor and reporter.

“I was impersonating a newscaster, then impersonating a reporter on the scene, and I was just late,” Gonzales joked. “That day, the number of followers went from 11 to 5,000.”

In less than two years, he mixes it with producer and DJ Marshmello and his personal hero, George Lopez, who looks like Gonzales. That’s not the only thing that connects them.

“Early, it was a little difficult for me. My dad moved in and my mother was really sick. The sadness I had when I was a kid-I really don’t have a personality Yes, I didn’t really have an identity, and looking at George Lopez, I felt it might be interesting about certain things. ”Gonzales said as a kid,“ George Lopez Show ”. He talked about his love for.

“It was this guy who was funny at the show. She was a little messy and had no dad at home. So when I saw the show I saw this guy telling the story of his real life. . Sitcom. “

Gonzales’ TikTok fame will lead to mentorship and friendship with Lopez after recording TikTok together. Gonzales was able to tell Lopez directly how much Lopez meant to him.

“Tik Tok gave me the opportunity to sit with him. It’s really cool because he was a mentor without knowing it, and now he’s doing it really personally, it’s out of the body “Gonzales said.

Gonzales said he would like to pay it in advance and inspire the next generation. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career.

“I’ve been trying to be at the main table with everyone else,” Gonzales said, and in a recent video shoot with the very popular Marshmello, he’s the only Latino in the room. He added that he was one of them. “I’ve been trying to bridge Latin Americans with everyone else.”

Gonzales believes that laughter has a lot of healing, so he hopes his comedy will help connect people.

“I hope we can laugh together. When we’re done laughing, we may be able to discuss our fears and worries, and I think our laughter will be even better. It’s clear.” “And when you laugh, while healing and healing, I think it’s a better laugh.”

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TikTok star Leo González fuses comedy and culture for laughter and healing Source link TikTok star Leo González fuses comedy and culture for laughter and healing

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