TikTok tells U.S. lawmakers that it’s working to protect user data

A leader of the US Federal Communications Commission said he asked Apple and Google to remove TikTok from the app store because of data security concerns. The photo is the TikTok download page for the Apple iPhone on August 7, 2020.

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TikTok, a division of ByteDance in China, told U.S. lawmakers that it is working to protect data in response to concerns that Chinese employees have access to information from U.S.-based users. rice field.

Social media company I sent a letter On Thursday, we confirmed to the US Senator that foreign employees could see data about US users and confirmed reports of such practices. TikTok is in a memo, now Oracle For more advanced data security tools that hope to complete the build on an unspecified date in the near future.

“Employees outside the United States, including those based in China, can access TikTok’s U.S. user data according to a robust set of cybersecurity controls and approval approval protocols overseen by a U.S.-based security team.” Said Shou Zi Chew, CEO of TikTok: Note.

CNBC Report last year A former TikTok employee was concerned about the impact of ByteDance on popular short video services and pointed out that Chinese workers could look at US user data.

TikTok said it is currently working on a major initiative called Project Texas aimed at “fully protecting user data and US national security interests.” The company is currently storing all US data in the Oracle cloud by default, repeating recent comments. Blog post“100% of US user traffic is routed to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,” he said.

“This work is approaching the day when we can pivot towards a novel and industry-leading system to protect the data of U.S. users with robust and independent monitoring to ensure compliance,” Chew said. I am saying. Note.

The Agreement with Oracle Set in 2020 after former President Donald Trump threatened to ban the TikTok app in the U.S.

Chew said that while ByteDance has developed the underlying algorithms to power the app and its Chinese brother Douyin, most of TikTok’s core technology infrastructure is “separate from Douyin.” ..

“The solution with Oracle ensures that the TikTok algorithm is trained only in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and that the algorithm is properly third-party security checked and validated,” Chew said.

He added that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) does not require companies to access data from US-based TikTok users, and the company will not provide that data in response to such requests.

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TikTok tells U.S. lawmakers that it’s working to protect user data

Source link TikTok tells U.S. lawmakers that it’s working to protect user data

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