Timberwolves have a lot to learn about winning – Twin Cities

2021-04-08 18:21:33 –

The Timberwolves went flat in Indiana Wednesday night, digging a 22-point hole against the terribly short-handed Pacers. This is a deficit they couldn’t overcome.

They haven’t been on the floor many times this season with a remarkable talent advantage, but on Wednesday Indiana was playing without the top three players.

What’s wrong?

“Maybe they aren’t the only ones playing the main player, and our guys think,’Well, that’s going to be a cakewalk,'” said rookie guard Anthony Edwards. “And we came out, and the next thing you know is that we were 20 years old. We have to do a better job to play at the beginning of the game.”

Cake walk? If there is a team in this league that is considered a cakewalk, it is Timberwolves.

What rights does the NBA’s worst-recorded team have to assume that the game will be a cakewalk?

None, according to Timberwolves director Chris Finch.

“I think it’s incredibly rude for everyone in the league to think you’re coming out and going to’cakewalk’to someone else,” Finch said. “Because they also want to win and there are a lot of really good players. No matter what their name is, they are on the road to the league, and we respect it. Hopefully this is one of the lessons young players will learn along their journey. ”

There are still many lessons that this wolf team should learn. When your record is 13-39, you wouldn’t think “don’t take the team for granted” is one of them. But others include not being content with limited success, such as bringing consistent efforts and winning one game. It’s a good idea to get out of the gate with a little effort and concentration. Since Finch became a coach, wolves have led half-time in just one match.

All of this is why Minnesota has enough young talent to compete most nights, but continues to lose far more than it wins.

“We don’t point our fingers here and we don’t make excuses,” said Center Karl-Anthony Towns. “It’s my job to keep them organized. Obviously, in the first half (Wednesday) we weren’t organized and didn’t play as we needed. I was in the first quarter We have to demand more and maybe stop expecting it. I start with myself and play my part, then step up and play against any team, urgency and despair We need to emphasize the importance of playing against any team with a. I’m sorry if I’m down 20 points, down 15 points, down 22 points. 0-0, right away. You need to try that urgency. ”

Towns said young men need to develop their routines and find something that consistently motivates them to play at a high level on a daily basis. Are the wolves young? Yes, but as Finch said Wednesday, they have 52 games this season, so no one is so inexperienced anymore.

The coach wondered on Wednesday whether his team’s problems in these areas were due to immaturity, or perhaps not taking a “business-like approach” enough.

“Confidence is what you give yourself depending on how you play. In addition, you believe in the talent of your players and teams because you get them from the people around you. I don’t think that’s a problem,” Finch said. Told. “We (Thursday) have great players, great teams, great organizations at a high level over and over again so that they can be confident in themselves by going out and playing well. We talked a lot about having the ability to do things, and that’s what we have to do, and it can be an approach, a practice, and an overall performance. ”

It could be all of the above. For wolves this season, all these boxes remain unchecked.

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