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Lindsey B. King.Photo by Sarah Banks
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Letter from the editor of 5280The August 2021 issue of.

When people look back at important milestones in life, they often attach supplementary details to those moments in their minds. They remember who was president when they graduated from high school. They know that the best song on the radio was the year they met their loved one. In my case, I connect the guideposts of my life to magazines.As this version 5280 You can recall the cover of the August / September 2001 issue, which hit the newsstand, looked back on 20 years, and featured the day he arrived in Denver as a 22-year-old ambitious journalist. 6 weeks later 5280Founder Dan Brogan gave me a small desk with a very large teal iMac G3 and the opportunity to learn how to become a reporter, writer and editor.

Twenty years later, the cover of this magazine, beautifully photographed by deputy photo editor Sarah Banks, will definitely come to mind when you think about becoming an editor. 5280.. I set foot in this new role with so many goals. The first is to manage Denver’s city magazines as skillfully and successfully as their predecessors. In particular, Geoff Van Dyke, who gave me the proverbial red pen, remains. 5280Editor-in-chief. The second is to continue our efforts to cover all of Denver’s many diverse communities and reach out to those who are not heard too often.And finally, I want to make a magazine together 5280The talented team wasn’t at the coffee table when something remarkable happened, but it actually changed your life.Whether it’s providing the push you need to meet the therapist, encouraging you to start trail running, or looking at art that expands your mind, I’m 5280 Like me for the last 20 years, I bring you unforgettable joy every month.

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