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Portland, Oregon 2021-10-20 18:09:28 –

To date, Oregon has sent rental assistance to only 37% of households that have applied for it.

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Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — Oregon continues to struggle to provide rental assistance to thousands of people facing peasant evictions. And we’re already running out of time for some people.

According to the Oregon State Law Center, Oregon has 361 evictions in July, 462 in August, and 473 in September. But Becky Strauss, Eviction defense project, Said that these numbers are expected to increase only when the state is struggling to send rental assistance.

“The process is so slow that more and more tenants are running out of time due to few options,” says Straus.

So far, 37% of households applying for assistance through the Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program have been paid.

“We know that there are currently about 12,000 households out of protection and are currently at risk of eviction, and as the days go by, an additional 15,000 households continue to be at risk. “We do,” said Straus.

Oregon Housing and Community Services says it’s doing everything it can to speed things up, such as hiring additional staff and sending applications to external vendors to speed things up. I did.

“We are actively working on ways to expand people’s work, make them accountable, make local program managers accountable, and enhance the capabilities of the entire system. This is an ongoing step to streamline this, said Margaret Salazar, Executive Director of OHCS.

The state estimates that it will take until the end of the year to get over the backlog.

“It’s frustrating and sometimes tragic. You can prevent current evictions and tenant evictions due to inability to pay rent,” says Strauss.

If the lessor is behind the rent after July 1, 2021, call 211 immediately and oregonrentalassistance.org.. The agency has created an application checklist for tenants to use, and the application is currently available in five languages.

  • If the lessor is obliged to repay the rent before July 1, 2021, you must apply at oregonrentalassistance.org. Thanks to Senate Bill 282, rents payable prior to that date will not be due until February 28, 2022.
  • If the lessor receives a move-out notice due to rent delinquency, he / she should call 211 immediately. They should not leave their home immediately as they have many resources and legal services available.
  • If the lessee receives a court subpoena, please contact the Oregon State Law Center’s Eviction Defense Project Line (888.585.9638) or email the project (email).evictiondefense@oregonlawcenter.org) Seek legal assistance.

Time runs out for thousands awaiting rent help in Oregon Source link Time runs out for thousands awaiting rent help in Oregon

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