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Tips to help your child return to in person learning this school year – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) – Due to the proximity of the school, many students will return to class directly for the first time in a year. Mental health professionals say they can contact the principal before school and work on ways to facilitate the transition. Also, tell your child about their feelings surrounding returning to school.

“They fight and exchange Pokemon cards at school,” said six-year-old Decrankroy.

He is excited to go to school directly this year after virtually learning a year in kindergarten.

“Academicly, he was great. Socially, I know he was so lonely,” said Declan’s mother, Mandy Payne.

This year he will be back in person.

“We know he needs a child, there’s something about the face-to-face environment you can’t reproduce at home,” Pain said.

She expects an adjustment period and knows that Declan is not alone.

“We relied directly on school education to do that, and we couldn’t get it in a pandemic,” she said.

“We have raised the bar for returning to school. It has always been difficult to return to school,” said licensed therapist Roger Rhodes.

He says there is a way for your child to get ready to go back to school directly this year.

“Your kids are unique, and they need you to bring it,” Rhodes said.

He says try to stay positive.

“They react greatly to the mood and attitude of adults.”

And check their emotions.

“What do you think of going to school? And make their feelings normal,” Rhodes said.

It was a difficult decision to send Declan directly back to school, but Payne says he knows it was the right choice.

“The benefits of socialization and mental health outweigh the risks,” she said.

And Declan is excited about everything the grade is waiting for.

“It will meet in person and we will have lunch directly and play in the playground.”

Greenville County recommends contacting your child’s principal if you are concerned about making it a little easier to return to direct learning.

Tips to help your child return to in person learning this school year Source link Tips to help your child return to in person learning this school year

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