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We are in the middle of the busiest travel week of the year and many of you go out to spend time with your loved ones for the holidays.

Corpus Christi, Texas — You and anyone you know may have traveled a day or two this week on vacation by plane or car. If you’re traveling late tonight or tomorrow, here are some tips to keep in mind. When navigating during construction.

Whether you’re driving somewhere along the coastal bend, or a little more expert, it’s important to slow down even if the zone isn’t active, especially if you’re passing through a construction zone. Say there is.

The Department of Public Safety says that one of the most important things to bring with you is patience.

“If you know or have a type of construction in progress, you know that delays and backups can occur. If possible, start early. If not, start early. Please wait .. Make sure you are reading the signs that enter these construction zones. “

Sgt. According to Brandon, DPS police officers go out a lot during the holidays, so always wear seat belts, respect road rules, and don’t drink or drive.

Also, be sure to put your smartphone down and concentrate on the road. The Texas Department of Transportation has stated that it will suspend the closure of the main lane during the holiday season.

“By not closing the main lane, we contribute to safety and maneuverability. If the main lane is open in the work zone, we said that we need to slow down in the work zone, so traffic is more even and It moves fast. ” Texas Department of Transportation Corpus Christi’s Ricky Daily.

Not all construction projects start on Wednesday morning and the main lane will be closed during the holidays that last until Sunday.

Daily says they want to make sure that those lanes remain open for travelers.

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