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Tips to make sure vehicles are prepared for Las Vegas’ excessive heat warning – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-06-15 01:28:10 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — This week’s rise in temperature is a good time to make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the heat as it gets warmer. When the temperature rises, you will start to ask for help on the road.

From tires to batteries, 8 News Now covers what you have to do to make sure your car works.

Tire pressure is important. Tires should be at recommended levels, as lack of air can cause friction and heat, which can cause a flat tire.

It is also important to make sure that the tread is at the right level.

Under the hood, make sure the liquid is refilled where it should be. AAA’s Sergio Avila says another big problem people encounter is the battery.

“Batteries tend to break down in the heat. All you can do to protect yourself is to shake the battery well,” says Avila. “If it is loose, it usually indicates that you want to tighten the battery. Vibration and heat play a major role in battery failure.

According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, the Las Vegas highways have nearly 80 million drivers annually and are busy in the summer.

NDOT’s highway service patrols are ready to help people stuck, especially in the heat. A driver whose car is disabled can report the disabled driver to the emergency number on the Nevada Highway Patrol.

If you’re going out this week, make sure you have water that will help cool the overheated engine as well as hydrate it.

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