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Tir-Zah Mahlah’s It Could Go Either Way goes straight for emotional power – Kansas City, Missouri

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Debut from Tir-Zah Mahlah in Kansas City, It can go in either direction, One of the albums you push and play, open your mouth for 20 minutes, “Where did this come from?” Blending jazz, R & B, poetry, hip hop and countless other styles, very personal It’s a unique album that incorporates the voices and perspectives of listeners while creating eight confessional songs. It is relevant.

I had a phone conversation with Mara earlier this week It can go in either direction And where did it come from, and where did she come from?

Pitch: You dropped this on Mother’s Day. Why did you issue it?

Tir-zah Mahlah: Originally this record was supposed to be on my birthday, but it was decades ago that I didn’t play music, so a push came in and said, “Man, forget it. Mother’s Day. I’m going to put it out. “I’ll finish it before that and just put it out on Mother’s Day because I’m a mother, do you know what I’m saying? I didn’t have a chance to put it out on April 13th, the day I was born, but Mother’s Day is just as important.

It’s a day everyone remembers. They will remember it coming out on Mother’s Day. And this is my first album. So I felt they were all connected for me.

it is perfect. Instead of giving yourself a birthday present, now you give yourself a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

exactly. exactly. definitely.

You said that this album has been produced for decades, which is great for me. It’s just released out of nowhere and it’s a great album. What was the process of achieving that?

Many of these tracks – I’ve always been a writer. I have always written poetry. I’m originally from the East Coast. I’m from the DMV area, so poetry was definitely my go-to vacation. I’m very shy and modest, but when I’m comfortable I’m very extroverted. I have to be really comfortable. I’m like someone who sits down, observes the situation and the room, and reads the energy over and over again.

Do I write or sing? I’m always singing. I’m from a family of singers who grew up in church: my mother, my brother, my sister, my grandma, everyone. But I was shy, so I wrote it as an escape route. I wasn’t really going to release anything.

When I entered high school, I actually sang the first song. I started singing what I wrote. I was writing English as an honor student, but one day my English teacher said, “Okay, did you write it ?!” All the while, I was in her class, actually doing BS, and she was like “Whaaaaat?” To read what I wrote. I was surprised at people because they didn’t expect me to have such a voice or say so deeply.

Track 2 “Cry to God” on that album is arguably the most meaningful thing on the album. My album is true. I wrote a lot of songs, especially when I was in junior high school, and I honestly wrote them because I was facing suicide. I was thinking of suicide when I was little. As a 32-year-old woman, I was here to talk and think about it, and the world here was deeper than I had imagined. Singing it, I was crying.

It’s special because my husband is the producer of the whole album. He mixed it and mastered it, and much of it is that he has a background. He has a truck there. He also raps there, what is that particular song? That’s me, man. I kept crying, so I recorded it over and over again. I kept crying.

Even now, I really can’t get over it. I get very emotional. I kept crying. I kept crying. I kept crying. I was crying on the track and said, “Well, maybe I should recite it,” but I didn’t like it, so he told me, so it was healed and it was okay to talk. about it.

Oh yeah: Do you feel it, the fact that my album is really real and you say you love it? That’s wonderful. I wanted people to still feel the music, like the music that has survived difficult times. I’m not going to lie. Did a lot happen while you created this beautiful project, created it, published it, and people heard and felt it? That’s a lot. That was all I wanted.

Http Gatherfandalismcom 2524082 884c0e46 4f59 439c B36d4ac95369c3ae 1619745139598 AlbumartAs far as you’ve experienced, the album sounds so easy and confident that I didn’t expect Christina Aguilera to have a “beautiful” moment. When she recorded the song, she couldn’t stand up and sing, so she had to lie down and have the microphone hang over her. Too many for her.

I felt it was a really real moment. So yeah, track 2 was where I was crying on the track. I originally named the song “Child of Delight” because my name means it.

“Walk Away”, Track 7?It’s me and my husband [Tony].. He played the bass guitar and played the keyboard there. We literally wrote from scratch. I wrote everything on that complete album and he did all the music except “Fever”.It took me forever to do it [‘Fever”] Because my heart went to so many places. I wondered, “Should I do this?” I actually combined the two tracks. One was created by my husband and the other was created by my cousin. It’s just a wonderful moment and a huge mixture of such things.

“Anxiety midfielder”? It seems to be one of everyone’s favorites. I understand.

I think everyone has been so since last year.

Did it make me anxious about the trauma of my life and then make it a reality to experience such a weird COVID? It’s real, real.

How did you come to work with other record collaborators?

Another feature of J. Welch, “Black Butterfly”. We are all part of a creative group called CED: Cook Every Day that my husband started. They are all artists you may not have heard of. We literally meet every week and just create. It’s continuous. It’s still under development, but that’s how we all work together. We all have a project together, and it’s basically the way collaboration goes and our project. I am also part of their project.

J. Welch is perfect. I wanted to make the track, song, and album meaningful, so I definitely chose the one I chose for that reason. I wanted them to be personally connected to what I was saying. I definitely contacted him, asked him to listen to it, he asked me to explain what it was, and based on that, you got my truck I did.

I really wanted him to do more than just rap. I wanted him to connect with it and understand what I was saying when I was saying “black butterfly”. He told me exactly what I was saying, what I was thinking, and how I interpreted it. For me, I’m “perfect. You got the truck.”

It’s great to have this group of people where you can get together and collaborate and get this creative enhancement. It’s like a circle of writers, but it’s very positive for musicians.

Okay. We feed each other and feel that people need it. It’s like music is healing, companion. Sometimes it’s the way we all go through. I told you-everyone was worried-so just being around a group of people who are now connected, one thing, and tied together is crazy in itself ..

Before I started this music, I was a model, but it’s refreshing to see the other side of Telza. You can’t always speak in your picture. [laughs] I have a different personality, so I’m very closed about who I share my energy with, my circle, just to give people the opportunity to see their personality clean. , I try to open up more and let people listen. It.

People need it and people need to hear it. Many people contacted me saying “Wow!”. And I didn’t expect it. I wanted it, but my music is only for me, so I can stand behind someone who is very, very, very exciting to me.

Tir-zah Mahlah’s It can go in either direction Currently released via most streaming platforms.

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