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‘Tis the season: Holiday-themed craft beers from local breweries – Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Portsmouth, Virginia (WAVY) —This year is the time. People are shopping, baking and cooking for the holiday season.

Some local businesses, especially breweries, are also immersed in the spirit of vacation.

10 On Your Side contacted a craft brewery in the Hampton Roads area to see if they serve seasonal beer.

This is what we found:

Gose for Christmas gifts (Photo courtesy of Big Ugly Brewing)

The Christmas present gose is a tart wheat ale brewed with sea salt and conditioned with hundreds of pounds of sweet cherry and pomegranate. With a hint of acidity, ruby ​​red hues and a distinct aroma and flavor of sweet cherries, it’s like drinking the filling of Grandma’s homemade cherry pie. This gose will be available in takeaway cans and drafts at the Tap Room on December 7th.

position: 845 S Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23322

Garage brewery

No Carrots-All Spice Beers; It’s inspired by classic carrot cakes. By adding carrots to the more complex mash process, deep caramel and carrot flavors lay the foundation for ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg-dominated flavors. 7% Alcohol Content | 17 IBU

position: 1011 Eden Way N, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320

Gloucester brewing company

Grandma’s Apple Beer has cinnamon and balanced tart, green apple flavors. It’s reminiscent of grandma’s apple pie after Christmas dinner.

position: 6778 Main St, Gloucester, VA 23061

Capstan Bar Brewing Company

CBBC’s Blood Orange Cranberry Spice Kölsch is a light, refreshing, unfiltered version of the classic beer from Cologne, Germany. They added a twist to this traditional beer with some of our favorite flavors of the holidays. Blood oranges, cranberries, cinnamon spices, cloves and nutmeg provide seasonal, festive-inspired punches. 4.15% alcohol content and 20 IBU

position: 2036 Exploration Way, Hampton, Virginia 23666

The mouth full of sugar plums will be released on December 10th at Oozlefinch. A sour ale with plum, mascarpone, cinnamon, clover honey, lactose and vanilla. (No photo)

position: 81 Patch Rd, Fort Monroe, Virginia 23651

On holidays, St. George Brewing Company will release two beers only in the tap room. Cappuccino tiramisu porter and pineapple upside down cake red ale. (No photo)

position: 204 Challenger Way, Hampton, Virginia 23666

Vanguard Brew Pub and Distillies / Caiseal Beer & Spirits

This fruit forward ale is based on your favorite holiday bread. Caiseal added tart cranberries and roasted walnuts to the blonde ale to give the beer a tart scent, but ends up with a balanced malt bread flavor that’s perfect for the holiday season. 5.6% alcohol content

position: 504 North King Street, Hampton, Virginia, 23669

(Photo courtesy of Wharf Hill Brewing Company)

Wharf Hill Brewing Company will be offering four holiday-themed beers this season.

Chocolate stout: Wharf Hill Brewing’s original oatmeal stout is made from two rows of dark roast grains and oatmeal, with a rich toast note of coffee and vanilla with a slightly spicy finish and hop aroma to balance flavor and nose. I’m taking it. Then add a few pounds of American chocolate (from a particular Pennsylvania company) to a whole new level of flavor for beer lovers.

APV: 6.8% IBU: 9.2

Peppermint Mocastout: Start with the Wharf Hill Stout recipe and add a secret blend of flavors to give it a sweet chocolate and peppermint flavor. One taste is reminiscent of the bark of peppermint in a glass.

APV: 6.8% IBU: 9.2

Gingerbread Stout: The flavor of gingerbread is Wharf Hill Brewing Co for this holiday season. It’s booming with its rugged recipes. Smooth creamy stout and gingerbread flavors bring your taste buds to life and make you feel like you’re back in your grandmother’s kitchen.

APV: 6.8% IBU: 9.2

Caramel cream porter: This porter is like a lightweight version of Wharf Hill Brewing’s Stout. Chocolate and coffee tips aren’t as strong and rich as stout. Then add lactose and sweet caramel to the mix to create a sweet creamy taste like a traditional caramel candy.

APV: 5% IBU: 17

position: 25 Main St, Smithfield, VA 23430

COVA Winter Warmer (Photo courtesy of COVA Brewing Company)

COVA Winter Warmer: Brewed with fresh ginger, cinnamon and vanilla beans, this beer is the epitome of “Christmas beer”. Also, as a true winter warmer, it’s definitely not ashamed of its name and is perfect for cold winter nights. (6.8% alcohol content)

position: 9529 Dr. Shore, Norfolk, Virginia 23518

Elation Brewing Company

The scent of a wood-burning stove that heats up due to the first frost tickles the amygdala, and the sweet and bold taste of this barley wine wraps your beloved arm, like Grandma Jean’s hand-knitted comforter. This 10% alcohol beer is sure to keep you warm and cozy.

position: 5104 Colley Ave, Norfolk, Virginia 23508

Smart Mouse Brewing Company

Smartmouth Holiday Helper Red IPA: This red ale boasts a refreshing, sweet and spicy scent to help you survive the holiday season. Its chocolate and caramel malt withstands spicy centennial and rye flavors, making this beer dangerously clean and smooth. 6.8% alcohol content

position: 1309 Raleigh Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 23507

Move the slider to see the beer: Christnizzle on the left. Right side, white cloth. (Photo courtesy of Commonwealth Brewing Company)

The Commonwealth Brewing Company offers two holiday-themed breweries this season.

Cristo Nizzle Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Chocolate Stout, Peppermint, Cacao Nibs, Indonesian Vanilla Beans 13.1% Alcohol

White Claus Foams Hard Selzer, Cherry, Cranberry, Apple Cider, Candy Cane 5% Alcohol (Gluten Free, Vegan)

position: 2444 Pleasure House Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Pleasure House Brewing

A crazy snatch. Tim loves quads and there is no better time to make a quad than a holiday. Pleasure House Brewing has piled up Pilsner malt, classic Belgian monastery yeast, some herbs and citrus hops, and soaked aged spices. result? A deep, sweet malt-driven beer that expresses chocolate, spices, citrus and floral notes in every flavor. This is a beer to taste. 12.5% ​​alcohol content

position: 2032 Pleasure House Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Alewerks Brewing Company

A fun, old-fashioned family Christmas ale. It’s all the goodness of the Christmas season blended for a unique nostalgic and satisfying brew. Experience the effects of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, vanilla beans, sweet orange peel, all-spices and nutmeg with this spice beer. You can dream every time you take a sip of Christmas long ago. And with 8% alcohol, it’s sure to keep you cheerful and warm on the coming cold winter nights.

On Black Friday, Alewerks also released a limited edition, available in 500ml bottles and aged in bourbon barrels dedicated to taprooms.

place: Alewerks Brewing Company, 189B Ewell Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188 // Alewerks Brewing Company @ Williamsburg Premium Outlets, 5711-36 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188

(Photo courtesy of Virginia Beer Company)

This holiday season, Virginia Beer Co. marks the arrival of the evil Santa series of 7% alcohol spice milk stouts. The evil Santa (brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, all-spices, milk sugar) returns each year in a variety of variations, including double chocolate espresso (brewed with cacao nibs and espresso) and vanilla latte (brewed with vanilla and coffee). A new addition to this year’s baseline is Peppermint Hot Chocolate Evil Santa (brewed with peppermint, vanilla, marshmallows and cacao nibs). On Black Friday, they released Double Evil Santa, an imperial version of 11.3% alcohol aged in bourbon barrels. Then, for the first time, on Saturday, December 4, we planned to release an ultra-limited Double Evil Santa variant aged at Apple Brandy Barrels. All of these releases work with the House of Mercy, VBC’s annual Food & Goods Drive for Holiday Music. A pop-up will be displayed during December, and “Evil Santa Con” will appear at the brewery on December 18th.

position: Virginia Beer Company, 401 2nd St, Williamsburg, VA 23185

This list will be updated as more breweries are submitted.Email us to send photos and descriptions of holiday-themed beers from your local brewery

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