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Salomon Marcos Garza Jr., 22, is Tivoli Brewing Co, six months after being promoted. Resigned as CEO. (((BusinessDen file)

Six months after 22-year-old Salomon Marcos Garza Jr. took over the oldest brewery in Colorado, he decided to resign as CEO.

Tivoli Brewing Co. has hired Ari Opsahl, a former vice president of western wholesale operations for Anheuser-Busch InBev, to replace recent DU graduates next month.


“He has over $ 1 billion in sales and has managed it, so he has a lot of knowledge about growing companies,” Garza said. “After meeting Ali, I advised the board to take over my role. Thanks to my experience, age, and connections that would take years to build, I resign. I was very happy to be able to do it. “

Starting August 9, Garza will be the Operations Manager and Opsar will take over the 162-year-old brewery to the CEO.

Garza, the son of Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, the majority stakeholder in the brewery, worked in Tivoli for six months. Before being promoted to replace former CEO Ken Hehir in January..

Garza’s father owns GD Holdings, a Denver-based real estate investment group, and is the third generation of Mexico-based Grupo Denim, which manufactures jeans and other textiles from major brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Wrangler. Chairman and CEO of.

The financiers are also part of the Denver’s Four Seasons Hotels and Beaver Creek’s Ritz-Carlton-owned group.

When Garza took over, the board of directors of about 80 investors told him that he had lost money for the past three years and would have three months to save the business or would be closed.

Garza has reduced Tivoli’s staff from about 50 to 9, and brewery products from more than 30 to 4. He also started developing two new drinks for young customers, he said.

The Tivoli brewing facility and tap room are located on the campus of the University of Aurora of the Tivoli Students’ Union. The brewery is an independent business, but it serves as an educational facility for students at Metropolitan State University in Denver.

Since the beginning of the year, Tivoli has canned more than 20,000 cases and produced about 6,000 barrels of beer, according to Garza. However, as a result of the pandemic, draft sales are still down by about 15%.

“Currently, the summer months are the biggest months for beer, and we hope to make the most of our facilities, which can hold around 10,000 to 15,000 barrels, and do more taproom operations,” Garza said. Says.

31-year-old Opsar climbed the corporate ladder at Anheiser Bush InBev for seven years. But in 2019, he decided to quit and settle in Denver with his wife. He has taken a break from the brewery business and has been working for a technology startup called Plutoshift for the past two years.

He said he was brought back into the industry after chatting with his neighbor, Dan Wolf, who is Tivoli’s board member and CEO of Grupo Denim. He said the board is looking for a more experienced CEO.

The Tivoli Brewery and Taproom are located on the campus of the University of Aurora, the Students’ Union of Tivoli. (((BusinessDen file)

“I saw it not only as a business opportunity, but also as an opportunity to work with great teams, great brands, great beers, grow your business in Colorado and one day grow into a globally recognized brand. “Country,” said Opsar.

“It hurts me that most of my friends in Denver don’t really know what Tivoli is,” he added.

Opsahl initially focuses on expanding Tivoli’s sales, marketing, and distribution throughout Colorado, and plans to eventually expand its brand outside the state. He also continues what Garza started, introducing a light lager called the Rocky Mountain Outlaw at the end of the fourth quarter, and later Selzer.

“I have to give monkeys a huge amount of credit,” Opsar said. “It’s no secret that he didn’t have much experience in the alcoholic beverage industry so far, and frankly, I was impressed with what he was able to achieve in the last six months. . “

In addition to Opsar, Garza said the brewery plans to add three or four more salespeople to its current two-person team.

Tivoli’s tap room, which has been closed since its second closure in November, will reopen on August 16. Garza said the brewery is waiting for more students to arrive on campus.

Bad Daddy’s Burger, partly owned by Golden-based Good Times Restaurant, has signed a lease next month to open in the Auralia Taproom in Tivoli, Garza said. Taproom used to offer its own bar food from a small kitchen.

Bad Daddy’s has 12 offices around Colorado and has nearly 30 franchises in Alabama, Georgetown, North Carolina and South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

“If this goes well, I agree to open more taprooms in Bad Daddy’s in the future,” Garza said.

Tivoli Brewing Co. replacing CEO with former Anheuser-Busch exec Source link Tivoli Brewing Co. replacing CEO with former Anheuser-Busch exec

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