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Tucson Medical Center and Colorado-based company Dispatch Health We provide home care to recently admitted TMC patients and work together to provide home emergency care to Tucson residents.

The mechanism is as follows. Those who need immediate medical assistance but are not facing an emergency can book a visit on the day. For inpatients with TMC, the DispatchHealth team will visit within 24-72 hours if assigned. This visit is called a bridge and can provide care until the patient sees a specialist or primary care provider. The medical team can also handle unexpected care needs.

There are currently three Dispatch Health rover vehicles available here, each of which includes a nurse practitioner or doctor’s assistant, and a medical technician to treat a variety of non-urgent injuries and illnesses. Doctors in the emergency room are always asking for questions and medical advice.

David Delgrosso, Tucson’s market manager for Dispatch Health, said the company plans to have five or six vehicles installed here by the end of the year. The vehicle contains medical equipment such as an electrocardiogram and experimental equipment to perform some common tests.

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Robyn Green, Dispatch Health’s nurse practitioner, will talk about the types of acute care offered to patients and bridge care at home during an event announcing a partnership with the Tucson Medical Center.

Mamta Popat, Arizona Daily Star

Robyn Green, Dispatch Health’s nurse practitioner, said: “We can see patients in the places where they are most comfortable.”

According to Green, meeting people at home assesses what else is happening in people’s lives and whether they need other help, such as delivering medicines or accessing food. can do.

Green serves Jeri Ann Martin, who worked at the Alpine Local Fire Department before becoming a Dispatch Health medical technician. She said providing non-urgent care at her home is a welcome change for emergency medical personnel and firefighters as it helps release them in the event of a real emergency.

DispatchHealth began offering services in Tucson in March 2021 and then expanded to the Green Valley in July last year. Collaboration with TMC begins this week, offering more options to TMC health providers when inpatients return home, but still requires some oversight.

“COVID-19 has changed the outlook for medicine, and this helps us stay ahead of the curve,” said Dr. Mansoor Jatoi, a hospitalist in Arizona inpatients who works with TMC inpatients. rice field.

Van frees up space in the emergency room and waits for a long time, said Dan Gibson, director of communications and marketing at TMC. It also adds options for those who can’t easily get to their appointments or who need help but don’t have a family doctor.

One of the vehicles used for Dispatch Health at the Tucson Medical Center. DispatchHealth has a new partnership with TMC that allows patients to receive acute care services and bridge care at home.

Mamta Popat, Arizona Daily Star

Delgrosso said that about 20% of recently released inpatients will be readmitted within 30 days. Visiting the medical team at his home has been found to help significantly reduce readmission rates, he said.

DispatchHealth is open 7 days a week, including holidays. The company serves 23 states, with 28 Rover vehicles in Denver, 23 in Las Vegas and 15 in Phoenix.

To request a visit, the patient should call (520) 442-3117, Dispatch Health or TMC Health.. No referral is required, but if your health needs are urgent, you should call 911 or go to the emergency room.

This service is covered by most health insurance providers and Medicare and Medicaid services.

Reporter Patty Machelor (806-7754) or pmachelor@tucson.com

TMC, DispatchHealth partner to provide in-home care for some patients | Local news Source link TMC, DispatchHealth partner to provide in-home care for some patients | Local news

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