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Cheatham, Tennessee (WKRN) — A A man in Cheatham County who led dozens of lawyers in a fast chase on Wednesday He is currently charged with a second attempted murder against one of these officers.

The proceedings against Robert Allen began around 11:00 am on Wednesday, when a Cheetham police officer responded to a welfare check involving a 23-year-old who also actively holds an arrest warrant.

When his first lieutenant, Paul Ivy, arrived, he found Allen sleeping in his car. Ivy noticed that the man had a weapon on his knee.

After a while, the suspect awoke and Deputy Secretary Ivy ordered him to surrender. “Please take your hand off the key!”

Instead, the 23-year-old hit it and approached hitting a second lieutenant backing up Ivy.

After a short high-speed chase on a country road where the speed reaches nearly 100 mph, lawmakers cancel the chase.

A few hours later, around 3 pm, Metro Nashville police informed Congressman Cheetham that he was chasing Robert Allen.

Around that time, police officers from Pleasant View, Cheatham, Coopertown, and Tennessee Highway Patrol were approaching Allen. All of this was guided by metro and THP-operated helicopters.

While on Los Road in Robertson County, Deputy Eric Dube of the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office tried to lower the spike strip. A body camera shows Allen driving his lieutenant in a hurry and turning the road.

Investigator Ken Miller said the speed-violating car had missed a few feet behind the retreating adjutant. “It’s very dangerous. Look at the speed. Sometimes he’s running over 100mph. He tried to overrun two cops. He says it wasn’t intentional, but In one of them, he definitely seems to go for the cop. “

After avoiding the spike strips, the dash cam shows that multiple agencies are chasing Allen from above and below. He can run over 110 mph. The video shows him recklessly slipping over his shoulder and endangering a myriad of drivers.

At Exit 24 of I-24, Allen got off. His front tires were shredded and he suddenly passed through a 6-foot high wire mesh fence.

He was rescued from his Chevy as Chevy caught fire and eventually ignited behind the car sales business.

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Officers have set boundaries, some wearing SWAT gear. Within an hour, a wanted man was arrested.

On his way to jail, a 23-year-old boy was heard asking police officers about his multiple charges.

Allen: How many counties do you know?
board member: three
Allen: Will there be charges in the three counties?
board member: Charges will be incurred in the metro, state, and us [Cheatham]..
Allen: How is your condition? Can you tell me
board member: It will be announced.

Allen is currently in prison in Chisam County and has been charged with several felony charges, including a second attempted murder, for driving a driver’s license, reckless danger, avoiding arrests, and nearly beating his deputy on a spike strip. ..

Allen declined an interview about the story.

TN chase suspect charged with attempted murder of officer Source link TN chase suspect charged with attempted murder of officer

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