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Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) — For the generation of teenagers in Tennessee, waiting in a DMV to take the written part of a driving test was like a rite of passage … the passage of time was very slow. I proceeded.

Today, Tennessee is one of the first states in the United States to allow you to get the written part of your teenage driver’s license from your home comfort. This is part of an initiative to reduce latency at the Tennessee Driver Service Center.

“Many of our centers are overwhelmed by individuals taking the test for the first time, so instead of parents quitting their jobs and coming to the center, they now test 24/7 from their home privacy. You can, “said Michael Hogan, director of driver services in Tennessee.

Only for teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17, parents or guardians must act as official test proctors using an app called the Tennessee Proctor ID.

“They enter, the supervisor receives an ID, uses that ID to verify who they are, and begins testing,” Hogan said.

Taking a test from home may sound like it might be really easy to cheat. However, the state was thinking about it, so some precautions have been taken.

“When an individual tries to switch screens, it automatically fails,” Hogan said.

There are so many questions that even if you fail the test many times, you won’t get all the answers.

“The person will probably have to take the test with eight or nine questions before touching each question,” he said.

Parents and guardians also have skins in the game because they need to sign important state documents.

“They have signed a form that says’I have financial responsibility for this minor’, so that partnership ensures that they take it seriously and do minor research. Not only do we want to accept it without compromising the test, “Hogan said.

Online testing does not allow you to leave the DMV completely. Supervisors and teenagers must come directly and submit documents in order to actually get an ID. However, I hope this new method will make the wait a little faster.

“Once all other processes are complete, it takes about 7 minutes to issue a driver’s license, reducing processing time, customer visits, and overall waiting time at the driver’s license center,” Hogan said. I am saying.

If a teenager fails the test twice, he or she will have to take the rest of the trial directly in the DMV. The state also reserves the right to retest drivers that have been tested online at any time.

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TN now lets teens take written part of driver’s test online Source link TN now lets teens take written part of driver’s test online

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