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There is no doubt that Marxism is working in the United States. Those who pay attention to history understand that history was introduced into our culture at the turn of the 20th century and has gradually invaded our society since then.

When Framer created the Republic – through the codification of the US Constitution, and shortly after the Bill of Rights, they understood that a document was created to inform them that the newly created government had restrictions and boundaries. did. It wasn’t the lords of the people, but rather the people were the lords of the government.

To that end, the beliefs and principles systematized in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights-the right to freedom of speech, the practice of religion, the relief of the government, the right to arm, the right to arm, our people and property are other listed rights. Among them, it was supposed to be a constant that is ubiquitous in our society. As citizens, we lived those rights every second of the day.

But 232 years later, our rights are not so envisioned. The federal government lacks a true representative of its people and has gone too far to be equal to tyrannical and bureaucratic.

Under the Wilson administration (which happened to be the very moment the Frankfurt School influence took root in the United States), we lost the basic protection built into the republic. The US House of Representatives was intended to be the room where the direct representation of the people was enforced at the federal level, while the US Senate was not the people of those states, but the rooms represented by each of the 50 states. It was supposed to be. Directly, but specifically the governments of those states.

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To Kill Marxism in America We Need to Empower the States
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