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“I am very honored to have run 26.2 miles in this race. I ran in honor of the beautiful girl.

Sandra Santoro is part of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Childhood Cancer Marathon Team in honor of her daughter Jane.

In us “Why i’m runningIn the series, Boston Marathon runners share inspiration for a 26.2 mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston.If you are running a marathon, you can share your story here..

name: Sandra Santoro
Age: 34 years old
From: Littleton

I will be hosting the 2021 Boston Marathon with the Massachusetts General Pediatric Cancer Marathon Team to raise funds for the Massachusetts General Hospital. They are doing a great job for a cause that is very close to my heart. Her daughter, Jane, completed 852 days of leukemia treatment in April 2021. I will be hosting the Boston Marathon on October 11th in honor of Jane and all her children and families with childhood cancer.

My running helps support programs that bring smiles and hope to the brave little people you meet. During her treatment, Jane was paired with two marathon runners through a patient partner program. I saw these runners in awe, and one day I joined myself, and after having this experience as a mom, I participated as a way to give back, stay connected, and heal. I dreamed of doing something.

I was otherwise her “patient’s partner”, sleeping with her in a hospital bed, hugging her under anesthesia, and taking her to the ER at midnight. We have experienced many things together. I am very honored to be able to run 26.2 miles in this race. In honor of my beautiful girl, I am very lucky and grateful to have one.

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‘To the bravest little people you will ever meet’ Source link ‘To the bravest little people you will ever meet’

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