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    Today, people are walking in the streets of Tokyo. There, authorities relax the rules of social distance and the country’s daily coronavirus cases reach their lowest levels in more than a year, allowing residents and visitors to eat and drink in bars and restaurants late at night. I did.

Tokyo >> People in Tokyo can eat and drink at bars and restaurants late at night from today as authorities relax the rules of social distance in the country’s daily life coronavirus Cases reach the lowest level in over a year.

Crowds have returned to bars and trains since Japan lifted a moderate state of emergency on September 30. However, Tokyo officials have called on the food and beverage business to maintain early closures until Sunday as a precautionary measure against a rapid resurgence.

After seeing a daily surge of about 6,000 cases in mid-August, Tokyo is now reporting less than 50 new coronavirus infections per day. The 17 new cases reported today were the lowest since June 2020.

“I’m delighted,” said Mitsuru Saga, owner of the fish restaurant in downtown Tokyo, in an interview with Nippon Television. He said his restaurant will be open until 11 pm for the first time in 11 months. The restaurant was closed by 9 pm and was asked not to serve alcohol.

But Saga said he was worried that many would still be worried about eating indoors.

“Currently, many people are drinking at home (because of COVID-19). I’m worried if customers will come back,” he said.

Unlike other countries in Asia and Europe, Japan has so far survived a pandemic without a forced blockade. It had a series of mostly toothless emergencies focused on restaurants.

Experts are confused by the sharp decline in virus cases in Japan. Some people attribute it to a late start, extensive mask wear, and rapid vaccine deployment after a calm nightlife.

Japan has recorded approximately 1.7 million cases of coronavirus and 18,200 deaths. About 70% of the population is fully vaccinated.

The Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, called on residents to be vigilant and take basic precautions as winter arrives and the air dries.

She asked the restaurant to limit each table to four people and ensure ventilation and other anti-virus measures.

Tokyo eateries return to normal hours as coronavirus cases drop Source link Tokyo eateries return to normal hours as coronavirus cases drop

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