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Brady does not intend to immediately off-hook fans of Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, or the Patriots.

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady celebrate the Super Bowl 55 victory. AP


The fourth week of the NFL season is just two weeks.

The punishment has already begun.

What do you think of Bob Craft’s mind every time he sees Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski wearing uniforms and getting caught in the end zone? Is the Patriots owner happy to see his team pulled away from Meadowland? Gift wrapping victory Beyond the pathetic division partner? Or is he constantly wondering why he chose a pebbly coach over his beloved tandem?

If not the latter, when will he catch up with others?

Brady hasn’t made it easy to become a Patriots fan. This is a mission that makes him appear to have been at the forefront of his mind for over a year. Future Hall of Fame backs up his seventh Super Bowl Ring with a remarkable start this season. His Tampa Bay Buccaneers were 2-0 and Brady had already thrown nine touchdown passes, five of which took place on Sunday. Atlanta Falcons 48-25 Troking.. He is currently only 500 yards away to break Drew Brees’ 80,358-yard career path record.

Maybe he’ll accomplish that in a monster game with the Los Angeles Rams next week, keeping the rest of us away from his pursuit.

We all know that it won’t happen. Brady gets on track to break the record in the familiar range of Gillette Stadium, where he and Gronck should expect to give patriots the same menacing gaze that Roger Clemens once gave owners. I am. The box at Fenway Park when I returned wearing the Blue Jays uniform.

It is better to solve it by being inevitable. Brady will probably break the record with a touchdown pass to Gronck and choke his face with eggs dripping from his eyebrows digging a hole in Bill Belichick. Just to stop time at Gillette Stadium and celebrate Brady’s other achievements, Belichick and Josh McDaniel come up with the next best way to abandon the offensive threat in the end zone. Just twist the knife a little deeper into the stubborn mistake that going with a legendary coach is a better option than sticking to a legendary quarterback.

It’s Brady 1 and Belichick 0, and the score isn’t biased anymore.

Brady and Gronkowski do little to make anyone think they are in the twilight of their career. This pair has already connected to the end zone four times in the first two games. This is another touchdown than Gronkowski won the entire 2018 season at the Patriots. The final touchdown is before you “retire” with the ring.

Now, as if another Super Bowl isn’t enough, they’re preparing for a fourth-week showdown against the previous team in all the diplomacy of the hurricane to greet the olive branch. But it’s too late for a peace-making venture. Kraft is on this stormy road as much as the guy he chose to keep his fans favorite.

If there was hope that the Tampa Bay-Patriots match could bring about a competitive night on national television, that desire probably disappeared after the Patriots made little impression on the dreaded New York Jets. Despite four interceptions of rookie quarterback Zach Wilson, seeing the attacks of Mac Jones and the Patriots was like reading at the first grade level. A score of 25-6 does not tell which side of football was how pitiful Jets was. It does everything to suggest that the Patriots attack remains neutral. This is the same type of purgatory that the broken Cam Newton and the pout Brady spent the past year and a half leading the prosecution.

So how should we expect Patriot Place to disappear completely when Bucks withdraws from Route 1 two weeks after the first two weeks of the season?

Brady and Gronck lead the brigade with one goal in mind. To make life miserable for coaches who have made life so hard while playing their favorite games. It will last much longer than just 24 hours.

Brady suggested last week that he might play until he’s 50. At that point, Belichick is 75 years old. Brady must now think of playing until he lasts longer than his enemy man.

Rob Gronkowski celebrates one of two touchdowns from Tom Brady in the second week.

The Super Bowl victory was just the beginning. Brady isn’t going to take Belichick, Craft, or Patriots fans off-hook right away (fans who weren’t ashamed to wear pirate clothes). Brady is ready to pierce your face with his greatness. He intends to hold it there, much like training a puppy. Then he will probably win one or two different titles just for the purpose, as you will not forget.

The craft team won his back pocket on Sunday. But by the time the owners saw Brady and Gronkowski hook up again on Sunday, all that was clear was the message they were sending.

The come-up was just beginning.

It comes to my mind in two weeks. From there, the reconstruction of the Patriots and the defense of the Super Bowl champion go on different paths.

His accusations against New England will probably never end, as Brady knows how he succeeded in holding a tip on his shoulder during his career. He confirms that Kraft regrets choosing a coach over a player for the rest of his life.

The Patriots-Bucks match will take place on October 3rd. But the fourth week began in March last year when Brady put a high tail on Florida. Bleeding can occur in at least a few more years.

Craft went with the coach. The 44-year-old he did everything else will never forget him. Two weeks left until the fourth week.
The longest. week. So far.

Tom Brady — and Gronk — are making it hard on Patriots fans Source link Tom Brady — and Gronk — are making it hard on Patriots fans

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