Top 7 HSV Dating Sites for People with Herpes

There are many rumors around STDs. To clear things out, stigmatization of any disease negatively affects the person, ruining their lives in many aspects. For people with herpes, their infection becomes a dealbreaker in dating. Because of the mass media’s satiric effect, sufferers of herpes now have to cancel on dates, lie about their disease, or get embarrassed whenever they meet their partner.

It is redundant to say how much the TV and the Internet make dating with herpes nearly impossible. That is why people who undergo treatment now have to search for a solution.

What is the way to still date people and not be afraid of stigmatization? Herpes dating sites are the answer to any prayers.

What Is Herpes Dating?

Herpes dating is about awareness. It is a way to meet an STI-free and STI-positive person who realizes the struggle of having herpes.

These sites are flooded by informed users who don’t shame or show any signs of ignorance. Herpes sites liberate people with struggles who already acquire symptoms of this infection. Now you can freely go on dates without having to show your medical card, explaining that having herpes can be merely bad luck, not the consequence of leading wild sex life. You can talk and communicate over symptomatic, share essential information, and not be afraid to be outed as an STI-positive user.

Another great trait about these sites is a positive approach. Ignorance and hostile attitude towards STI-positive users can ruin the importance of online dating forever. But with these communities, you can go on dates, feel confident and sexy again, and not be afraid to be broken up with over an infection. Lastly, here you can find an STI-positive date and not worry about infecting someone.

Let’s find the best dating site for people with herpes.

The Best Herpes Dating Sites

Here are the 7 best HSV dating sites to may need to know about.

  1. PositiveSingles.com

With almost 2 million active members, PositiveSingles remain one of the most credible sites for STI dating. It is completely confidential, safe, and discrete. It has the most extended history in the dating arena, operating since 2001. You can register and choose your condition from the list of diagnoses. What is so cool about this site? PositiveSingles is a happy place for STI and STD-positive people with different requirements.

The PositiveSingles platform considers your interests, lifestyle choices, and other personality traits to find a match. Also, the site balances privacy and transparency well. You can see who visited your user page, and you can decide to browse incognito. A site is a great place to hang out with someone with herpes, as you can determine what others can see.

PositiveSingles allows users to set customizable privacy settings. You can use the settings to decide which parts of your profile other users can see. User profiles are detailed with your information and the details of the person you would like to meet.

You can access limited services for free or pay a premium to access exclusive features. Users can also benefit from other useful features such as discussion forums and location directories.

  1. MPWH.com

Meet People With Herpes is the number one site that specifies herpes dating. It helps STI and STD-positive members find their better half, practice safe sex, and educate each other on the topic of herpes, both oral and genital.

On the platform, you will find eligible individual herpes with HSV-1 and HSV2. Like other herpes dating platforms, signing up is free and effortless. It also takes the privacy of its members very seriously. However, the site does not perform background checks on its members. Therefore, it is up to you to scrutinize the people you meet.

If you prefer to date on the go, you can download the MPWH mobile app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. The application has functionalities similar to those available on the website. Both platforms have great communication features and other services that are suitable for singles living with herpes.

There are different paid membership plans that you can choose from. Prices are reasonable compared to standard market rates. If you have concerns that require an immediate response, you can contact the customer service team via a direct phone line. Other than that, the user interface is excellent, and you will have no trouble navigating.

  1. HSVDatingSite.com

Another dating site that makes it possible for HSV singles to meet and connect. In this platform, you don’t have to hide your issues with herpes, and you will come across other members who will give you the necessary support. The app also offers several success stories that give you a positive perspective before signing up.

You will come across other herpes singles who are looking to have fun or for something serious. The signup process is quite simple because you only have to enter the basic information on your profile and state the type of STI you are living with.

  1. H-Date

This is a small but promising site for people living with herpes. With over 40,000 members from different parts of the globe, you will come across one of the most active communities. The platform is completely free, and you don’t have to pay anything to use it.

H-Date is ideal for beginners who learn a thing or two before signing up for paid subscriptions on other platforms. The signup procedure is quite simple, and you will find a community ready to welcome you after completing the process. The platform makes you feel comfortable with your condition.

  1. HSV Singles

It is a friendly site for HSV singles looking for a soulmate. If you are looking for a long-term thing or a serious relationship that will lead to something, this is the perfect platform. Registration is free, and you have to go through a four-step registration process that is quite simple: select the type of person you want to meet by their gender and choose your current city.

The platform is available for Canada and the USA but narrows down to bigger cities. HSVsingles.com is only available for the web version, which you can access using your PC or mobile device. They don’t have an app.

  1. Meet Positives

It is a general site for people with STDs, including herpes singles. The role of the site is to make people feel normal again and avoid the stigma people living with STIs face when looking for love. You can find long-term love from this site.

There is also a lot of free advice and tips on the platform. You will avoid the stigma of sharing your herpes status with potential partners. Herpes singles can move forward positively with platforms such as this.

  1. H-Werks

It is highly ranked among most dating sites and gives HSV singles an affordable way to date. The signup process is quite easier, and you can view the profiles of other singles, send messages, and get fast responses. H-Werks offers plenty of options because of its huge membership. You are likely to find a match near you.

The site mainly focuses on people living with herpes, making it an ideal option for herpes singles. H-Werks as a one-time signup cost, so you don’t have to worry about making regular monthly payments.

Do Herpes Dating Sites Really Work?

Based on users’ opinions on herpes dating platforms, it is correct to conclude that the services work. For example, many users met on these platforms and formed a long-lasting relationship. Additionally, other users testify that they felt safe interacting with other users on the sites who understood their condition.

Safety on Herpes Dating Sites

Most herpes dating sites have built-in safety protocols to keep their users safe. For example, you may be asked to verify your email address to ensure bots don’t create accounts. In other cases, the platforms require users to prove their identities by uploading government-issued identification documents.

But whatever herpes dating sites are doing is not enough. It would be best if you complimented your efforts by doing your part. Some of the things you can do to stay safe include:

  • Don’t share too much private information.
  • Follow your instinct. If he tells you to stay away from someone, go ahead.
  • Don’t buy drugs from so-called experts who hide behind user profiles to defraud others.

Having herpes is no longer an excuse to live a lonely life. Many solutions can help you meet other like-minded singles. If you are a single person interested in dating someone with herpes, you can create your account on a dating site to get started.

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