Top 8 Apps For Men And Geek Men To Personalize Smartphone

Best Apps Every Geek Men Must Have

Phone nowadays is not just a tool which helps calling and sending text messages. It is a mini personal computer, which can be both useful and distracting, boring and personalized. It can be your important work tool, or your worst nightmare when you are expecting an unwanted call, for example.

What Are Good Apps

Thankfully, the amount of services and apps for the phones is also quite large. For example, websites that can help you identify who called – as does.

Yet, the most wanted thing among all phone users is personalization. Applications and sites dedicated to the specific interests of the owner make the process of using a gadget more enjoyable. Plus, many apps contain the possibility to broaden knowledge in the things one is into. And also – to find new friends and acquaintances to talk with.

So, there are apps that some groups of people enjoy more than others.

Interesting Apps For iPhone For Men

Some applications are generally designed more for men’s needs. That does not mean women can’t enjoy them – but the best reviews they have are usually among men. Plus, these apps are not banal – you are sure to surprise someone using those.

1. Vivino

Have you lately noticed strange people in the wine departments? The ones that are taking pictures of every bottle with a smartphone? This is not an accident. Given the rampant wine illiteracy, the Vivino app almost instantly became a hit with wine shop customers. You need to bring your smartphone to the bottle, and scan the label.  And then you can read all about the gustatory joys and sorrows of this wine and, importantly, its value. Then you can share your feelings with the world yourself. In the end, you need to do something with your hands between the glasses.

2. Djing Maker

There are guests, and you have only two dusty hits from Mark Bernes and a soundtrack to Schindler’s List from your music? Learn to blow up the dance floor from any material at hand, the benefit that DJ programs for smartphones with tablets are now a legion and darkness. In fact, now they are fighting not even for functionality and convenience, but for how much fun it is to tinker with. DJing Maker is one of the leaders in this regard.

3. SAS Survival Guide

The most authoritative encyclopedia for survival in any conditions and situations.  SAS Survival Guide will save your life someday. Yet, in real life, it is much more useful during drunken arguments in a bar. Especially when your friends do not believe your statement that one snake is more poisonous than another.

4. FireChat

An emergency communication program that works when satellites and the Internet are down around you.  Your smartphone has contact with the closest smartphones over Wi-Fi or bluetooth channels. and now you can already exchange messages. “FireChat” is a program for communication in nature or at some kind of mass festivities. But FireChat also behaves perfectly during demonstrations and street protests. By the way, this is perfectly legal.

Best Geek Apps

ALT: A logo with the word “Geeks” and glasses underneath

Surely one can’t generalize all men with different interests into one big group. That’s why there are a lot of smaller apps directions, designed specifically for nerdy guys.

Do you enjoy comics, video and board games? Then this list is for you!

1. Marvel Comics

A must-have among the nerd apps. A comic book reader from the supergiant Marvel. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine and others will delight you with their presence on your smartphone 24 hours a day.

2. SkySafari

What geek does not enjoy space? This app allows you to study celestial objects from anywhere in the world in AR. It is worth pointing your smartphone at this or that part of the sky, and you will see a map of this area of ​​space. You can study the sky and read encyclopedic articles about celestial objects.

3. MyShows

MyShows is not a source of news and articles, but a simple and convenient tracker that allows to track viewer progress.

From the information in the application, you can find only descriptions of the series and the names of the series. There is also a rating of all shows based on popularity among members of MyShows.

4. Manga Storm

Want to read your favorite manga on any website? Manga Storm is very simple and effective for reading manga. This application allows you to read high quality manga using the many features offered by the developers. To read your favorite manga from other sites, you must use the built-in browser of the application, or you can simply add the site’s URL.

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