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Top Nevada officials discuss racial injustice, policing | News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-07-18 17:18:00 –

North Las Vegas, Nevada (AP) —Nevada’s Supreme Law Enforcement Officer said at a community forum on Saturday that he was working on staff diversification and was undergoing implicit bias training, but a tough question, push. Faced back, and protests from members. audience.

Republican Governor candidate Joe Lombard, Clark County Sheriff, Attorney General Aaron Ford, and Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson are members of law enforcement and their protection in a panel hosted by the NAACP District Attorney. The community that is supposed to serve.

When the panel discussed their policies and procedures, and how complaints from residents were handled, they encountered interruptions and opposition from some in the crowd. He confronted a police officer during a protest of racial justice last June.

Panelists include US Special Agent Francisco Brola, FBI Special Agent Aaron Rouse, and Deputy US Attorney Christopher Chiou, Nevada, on how residents can file complaints with their offices. explained. They also outlined their efforts to strengthen their relationship with the color community. Most of them join or send representatives to a monthly multicultural advisory board where law enforcement officers meet with members of the community.

According to Lombard, the Multicultural Commission recently considered a higher promotion within his department. He can also decide whether the police station will follow the Commission’s recommendations on discipline, training or policy changes, but complaints about his officers will be directed to an independent review board consisting of departments and residents. Said that it could be done.

Chiou, who is responsible for the hate crime prosecution, said the community is at the forefront of reporting and law enforcement agencies need to be notified in order for perpetrators to be held liable.

Saturday’s racial justice and law enforcement forum in North Las Vegas came over a year after the killing of George Floyd by white police officers. The killings have affected racial calculations and protests around the world, including Las Vegas.

Protesters on Saturday wore a 25-year-old T-shirt that was fatally shot by police while wearing body armor, holding a gun at a Las Vegas demonstration after Floyd’s murder. Wolfson in May ruled that police officers working in Lombard would not be prosecuted for Gomez’s death. Gomez’s family wants executives to be held accountable A federal tort proceeding is pending.

Wolfson and Lombard were asked on Saturday about the situation of police officers involved in the 2019 incident in which black man Byron Lee Williams died in handcuffs after Las Vegas police chased him by bicycle and on foot in 2019. I did.

Lombard said he couldn’t comment because of the overpowering federal government, torts, and civil rights proceedings by Williams’ family this week. Wolfson said the case was “thoroughly considered,” although he was not charged by his office, but “after all, he charged police officers and went beyond reasonable suspicion. Being able to prove is a very difficult decision. The court that they committed a crime. “

Williams, like Floyd, died after telling the police that he couldn’t breathe.

Floyd’s family members join Williams’ family When they announced the proceedings.

Ford, the first black attorney general in Nevada and the only black member on Saturday’s panel, said he had discussed racial injustice and police with a lawyer in his office after Floyd was killed last year. It was.

“Some didn’t want to hear what I had to say about the black experience with police officers, and after all, some were voluntarily exempted from employment, and that’s a problem for me. No, “he said.

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