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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-10-20 07:05:10 –

Travis Wingfield

All dolphin assistant coach staff met with South Florida media on Tuesday. Here are the highlights.

Co-attack coordinator / running back About what Eric Studesville moves the team 1-5: We love this game so we hope it’s not difficult so far. All of us players, coaches, staff and everyone in this building are making great efforts to do this. This is our job. We are responsible. First of all, I hope that your passion for the game will never take it away where you feel like you have nothing left to do. I’m not going to work that way, it’s not my way of thinking. I always feel like I have a chance to do something. We are always working for ourselves. We are constantly striving to bring out the best products that people can see in any situation, and I think that is the lesson of our lives. It’s not just football. That’s what we all have to do. When we come to work, we do our best every day. We put the tip on the table and say, “Look and give you everything you have today,” and that’s about it. It doesn’t matter what the record is or what the score is. It doesn’t matter how you feel today. We have something to do and there are people who rely on us to do it. Our responsibility is to appear and do it every day.

Joint Attack Coordinator / Tight End QB Tua Tagovailoa’s Return to Action George Godgee: “For a man who has taken a considerable vacation [he] I fired and came out. In the first series of touchdowns, there were some penalties that could be overcome. To be honest, I thought it was an impressive drive. I thought it was because of him and his preparation that he couldn’t get out of the injury and actually practice what he wanted. There was another drive during the game and another turnover. They got the ball we stopped and did a really impressive touchdown drive over 90 yards. These two drives are really impressive from our point of view. He was able to overcome some negative play and transform the third down. That is the quarterback position. The more drives you have, the better overall results you will get, so use them as the build. “

Josh Boyer, Defense Coordinator of Noah Igbinogene in Cornerback: He thought he was competitive. I thought he worked well … I thought he had some good throws and good catches. We will continue to discuss working on the finish. You are in a good position and try to get them a great catch by ripping the ball. I thought he did some good things. There are some things we are trying to build and some we are working on.

Brian Flores and a few players will meet with the media on Wednesday and the dolphins will return to the practice grounds to prepare for the Atlanta Falcons coming to Hard Rock Stadium next Sunday to challenge Miami.

Visit the Miami Dolphins YouTube channel for all media availability.

Top News: Coordinators Meet with Media Source link Top News: Coordinators Meet with Media

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