Top-seeded Philadelphia 76ers at stake after a spectacular collapse against the Hawks | NBA

Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks have made a successful playoff comeback over the years. Philadelphia 76ers To move in the victory of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Young was fouled with three points, hitting all three free throws with 1:26 remaining, winning a 26-point comeback and letting Atlanta win the 76ers 109-106 in Game 5 on Wednesday night.

The Hawks will be able to advance to the conference finals for the first time since 2015, winning the series for the second time in Philadelphia and Friday night in Atlanta.

Young scored 39 points and was added to the postseason when he became a breakout star.

“Whatever the score, we will continue to fight. I am proud of this team,” Young said. “We are confident in each other. We all love each other’s company, which is shown in court. We will not stop believing until the final buzzer sounds. . “

The Hawks recovered from a 26-point deficit and defeated the top-seeded Sixers in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semi-final series.

Joel Embiid scored 17 points in the first quarter and pushed the Sixers towards Romp with a 26-point lead in the first half. They still led 87-69 at the end of the third before collapsing.

Lou Williams, Danilo Gallinari and Young opened their fourth on a large run against the Sixers’ second unit, forcing 76ers coach Dock Rivers to put in a starter to defend the lead. I continued to attack after that.

Gallinari hit 3 to 87-76, and Embiid jumped out of the cool-down seat behind the basket and rushed to the scorer’s table to check the game. He scored instantly and returned the lead to 13.

It didn’t matter.

The Hawks big shot continued. Williams filled 3 and became an 11-point game, with Young continuing to hit floaters and foul shots.

Ben Simmons, along with Embiid, the cornerstone of the Sixers, missed a free throw after a free throw, much like most of the postseason that accelerated Atlanta’s comeback.

Young’s floater took them within two, then he leaned against the Three Pointer and was fouled by Matisse Thybul. A young, Sixers fan cursed the entire series, quietly stepped into the line and filled all three shots. And it was the 105-104 Hawks.

Patriot owner Robert Kraft sat in the courtyard and saw another big collapse against Atlanta.

The Hawks led Game 1 with 26 points and won Game 4 at home on Monday.

Atlanta fans can roll off a long list of infamous collapses in its collective sporting history.

There was a comeback to remember.

Gallinari scored 16 points, Williams 15 points, John Collins 19 points and 11 rebounds.

Embiid scored 39 points and Seth Curry scored 36 points. Simmons was 14-4 from the free throw line, and even Embiid missed two big points. Simmons missed two in the 104-96 Sixers, and the Hawks came just below to score.

Embiid finished 0-12 in the second half of Game 4’s defeat, helping the Sixers take a 26-point lead in front of a noisy home crowd with an 8-8 start.

Embiid is basically playing with the cartilage of his right knee torn, so he is playing with one leg. The injury did his best in Game 4. He couldn’t get a lift on a notable shot in the second half of the layup where he was supposed to win the game, and his 0-fer in the second half wondered how difficult Philly was. In game 5.

Top-seeded Philadelphia 76ers at stake after a spectacular collapse against the Hawks | NBA

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