Top Web Technologies to Start Using Right Now

Times change very quickly, and so do technologies. Every year, we face the need to adopt new tools, technologies, and solutions to keep up with the latest trends in our industries. Below are some of the most promising and highly effective techs you want to adopt today to scale your business and grow the revenue tomorrow!


Angular is a popular front-end framework that helps you in creating super functional and dynamic frontend websites. If that wasn’t a convincing enough reason for you to learn Angular, here are some more. It’s supported by Google. A lot of Google apps are currently using this framework, and it’s under the wing of Google’s ITS, which tells us that Google might plan to scale it up even further in the future.

Angular is built using TypeScript, which means that it comes with great security, and it’s easy to work with when it comes to errors early on in the code. Angular uses HTML, which is a declarative and very intuitive language, so there is no need to waste time looking into the program flows. Just define your requirements and you’re good to go.

Angular testing also becomes a complete cakewalk due to module separation. Plus, any good writer knows that the consistency of the code is very important. And as Angular is based on components, it becomes reusable, unit testing gets simplified, and readability is improved. And even maintaining the code becomes a breeze.

So, Angular should definitely be on your list of technologies to adopt this year and quite possibly beyond.


Second up on today’s list is React. React is used by a lot of developers to build fast and interactive user interfaces. It was used by Facebook in 2011 and ever since it is known for building smooth and robust web applications. It’s fast, scalable, simple, and extremely easy to learn. While Angular is called a domain-specific language, React can be learned with just a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML.

React is big on reusability, as well, which makes it even more popular. So, what are you waiting for? It’s already 2021. It’s high time you got on the React bandwagon. To learn more about this promising technology and mobile solutions it can help you build, check the article here.


For number three we have Django. Based on the simplicity of Python, Django is a super powerful framework for creating dynamic websites. These days, the scope for websites and apps has widened a lot. Django again is really big on plugability and reusability. And its motto is ‘Bro, you don’t have to repeat yourself again, I got you,’ which makes this framework a comfortable piece of software to work with. And one more thing! Instagram, the app that millions of users keep scrolling on day in and day out, is built completely on Django. And so is another popular app Pinterest.

Flask is a close competitor to Django in 2021. But according to most experienced programmers, Django is more versatile, and its framework is much more secure, more scalable, and easy to maintain, when compared to Flask. To add to it, Django is portable and completely written in Python.


Moving on to our next technology, which is Spring. Spring is an open-source application framework, which is very popular with Java developers. If you or your IT specialists are familiar with Java, it won’t be a problem to start using Spring. It’s a very quick, widely used, and quite simple framework that ensures high productivity. The Spring ecosystem provides features like dependency injection, validation, and aspect-oriented programming, which gives it a great standing. What’s more, Spring supports data access through the Java transaction API, Java persistence API, and Java database connectivity.

Even though Spring doesn’t support all of the Jakarta EE specifications, it supports all of its technologies, which improves the support over the standard specification. Plus, considering Spring’s rich history of adoption and innovation, it is a great skill for you to bag in today.


WordPress is a huge site building platform, which powers millions of websites across the world. It’s a content management system, which helps you design and manage websites for all purposes.

Learning WordPress is a whole journey, but it is one you will definitely enjoy. It has a great community online and is also a valuable skill, especially if you’re new to coding. It can also act as a powerful element in crafting your portfolio. WorldPress will not only help you to learn to create beautiful websites, but also leave you with some valuable life skills, including teamwork, problem solving, organization, data analysis, writing reports, and basically just creating an influence in this busy social media world.




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