TORRES’ MacKenzie Scott, Who Comes to Beachland Next Week, Discusses Her Upbeat New Album – Cleveland, Ohio

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  • Singer-songwriter Mackenzie Ruth Scott.

Indie rock singer-songwriter Mackenzie Ruth Scott, who is recording as TORRES, originally started making an angry album with her latest album. Thirstyer..

The album was released by Scott Oral In January 2020, the tour was set up to support the release when the pandemic threw a wrench into those plans, frustrated and upset by the state of things.

But Scott Thirstyer Last May, she found the song taking her in another direction.

“When spring came, I got up and got to work and stuck to the everyday life of writing for a few hours a day,” she says on the phone from her home in New York, returning from a rehearsal with the band. TORRES will co-star with Ariana and Rose at Beachland Tavern on Monday, September 13th at 8:30 pm... “I wrote them in about five months. My first instinct was to honestly make something a little more angry and aggressive, as well as a big reaction to the world, but the album was released. And when touring, people want to hear from me an angry, dissonant album? I decided they didn’t think they would. They felt energetic and did something more festive and bright. I wanted to hear it. ”

That said, the feedback-filled album opener “Are You Sleepwalking?” Still has a real edge to it, and with its drool vocals, it could be a punk rock version of Liz Phair’s song. Sounds like.

“The shortest version of the story behind the song is that my girlfriend lost her computer and couldn’t find it for weeks,” says Scott. “I thought she was sleepwalking and dumping it in the trash or doing something weird. She found it in a very normal place where it should be. The song is about this strange thing that happened in the pandemic when we were at home, the time was distorted and the days were mixed. Was it yesterday or two weeks ago? It’s very strange. We started to feel lost. We wanted to make a song about how strange things were, but that doesn’t mean we’re lost. ”

Scott recorded again at a middle farm studio in the UK, and she says the isolation provided by the studio allowed her to really focus on her skills.

“I don’t think it’s a farm in terms of animals, but it’s very spacious and once a farm,” she says of the studio. “It’s a remodeled barn. I worked there and slept in the barn loft. It was a very spacious and vast land. I always think so, and that’s one of the reasons I keep returning there. I didn’t make it Oral It was England, but the previous two were made in England. I just keep going back. Being there does something to my temperament and relieves my anxiety. ”

According to press material, Scott drew from a guitar-driven Wall of Sound reminiscent of the work of producer Butch Vig’s Garbage and Nirvana, but Scott always tried to emphasize this outing. It states that it is not.

“They are my influences,” she admits. “But I didn’t want to make this sound like the records produced by Butch Vig. I love those records and always work there. But at least my guitar is the same. I think it has to sound loud [Kurt] Coburn’s guitar. ”

Another album’s highlight, “Hug Like a Dinosaur,” does just that, balancing a big, noisy guitar with a retro-sounding synth.

“I wanted to bring a really dangerous guitar with an old school synthesizer,” admits Scott. “This is one of my favorite combinations. I dare say I’m as ridiculous as I wanted to make it as enjoyable as possible. In the studio, a lot of talk about not being too sophisticated. had.”

Scott says she and her bandmates want to go back and play the song live.

“It will rip,” she says of the live show. “It’s a four-piece band, including me. I play a whole new album and lots of other things. We’ve been working on it for quite some time. There’s a lot to come in. [Thirstier].. I’m so excited that I can’t stand it. Each and every one of my bands is very attentive to playing live. ”

TORRES’ MacKenzie Scott, Who Comes to Beachland Next Week, Discusses Her Upbeat New Album Source link TORRES’ MacKenzie Scott, Who Comes to Beachland Next Week, Discusses Her Upbeat New Album

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