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Corpus Christi, Texas — Carmen Martinez started Tots N Socks in Corpus Christi after realizing the need for a place where parents could enjoy playing with their little ones.

Martinez operates a business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When she wanted to have a party for her three-year-old son at Coastal Bend, where she had previously lived and had a family, she realized that there was no place to host it.

“I had to unload my equipment for my son’s birthday party and realized that there was nothing here for younger kids.”

January, Martinez Tots N Socks Mobile PartyBrings parties on the road to cities and towns that cross the coastal bend.

“We have installed it in our garages, patios, event centers and parks, and we are always happy to use it,” she says.

Martinez said that thanks to the pandemic, people were very tolerant of her business and wanted to book a party where their children didn’t have to interact with children they didn’t know.

“People have come to rely on me for birthday party options for young children so they don’t have to cancel their birthdays and feel normal,” she said.

May, Tots N Socks Event & Playcentre Opened in Corpus Christi. At the storefront, parents can not only plan a birthday party, but also play for one day and get an affordable $ 10 price tag for two hours of play.

Martinez said the playground is perfect for parents, especially new parents, to play in a controlled environment where their children don’t have to worry about the weather.

“Now you can say,’I’ll pack up my luggage and go to Tots N Socks, so have fun and make the rainy days the best.’ Sunny days, hot days,” she said. ..

Tots N Socks is also serious about hygiene.

Former nurse Martinez knows how important disinfection is, especially during a pandemic.

Tots N Socks staff are constantly wiping equipment, alarms sound every hour, and products are thoroughly cleaned daily.

Martinez even said he took the ball out of the ball pit and even washed it in a bathtub filled with disinfectant.

Martinez had been thinking about the idea for this business for a while, but it wasn’t easy to open it during a pandemic. She said she had reconsidered getting the plan done, but her family advised her to continue.

“I was a little disappointed because I had already made a game plan and a pandemic happened, but they said,” Okay, we’re going to help you. We’ll solve it. ” It was a good one. It worked, “Martinez said. “I was very nervous to put all my savings into it, especially when I knew it was a big investment. It was me who said I would challenge and leap forward with confidence. “

Not only was the process of starting a business difficult during the pandemic, but it was especially difficult for Martinez, who lost her best friend Laura due to COVID-19 in late April.

“For me, it was devastating. At that time, I just got this building and I wasn’t sure if I could do this without her,” Martinez said. Got you, you’re going to do this. You can’t beat you to it. And she doesn’t want you to be defeated by this.

In fact, Martinez wasn’t defeated by losing his best friend and continued to open the building in May, motivated by the loss of Laura.

“I know she’s my angel. I know she’s looking down on me. I was here and guided me and said,’I can do this, don’t break.’ It’s her, “she said. “I can and will do this. Eventually it will grow. That’s the goal. Tots N Socks will stay in the corpus and stay in the corpus.”

Martinez divides the time between Corpus Christi and DFW and descends to the Coastal Bend every two weeks. Not only did she help her start her own business, she said her family was a great help to her in keeping it going.

Her husband and teenage son helped do business at DFW, and her large family runs a business at Corpus Christi.

The Tots N Socks Event & Play Center is located at Corpus Christi’s 4223 Leopard St. and is open play Tuesday through Thursday from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Friday from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Tots N Socks can also be used for weekend parties.

Tots N Socks fills a need for young children to play Source link Tots N Socks fills a need for young children to play

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