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((((conversation) – Imagine starting pedaling Start of stage 12 of This year’s Tour de France.. Your first job is to bike about 20.6 miles (33.2 km) to the peak. Col du Galibier In the French Alps, gaining about 4,281 feet (1,305 m) above sea level. But this is just the first of three big climbs in your day.Then you face the peak of Colonel Croix de Fell Then ride the famous one and finish the 102.6 mile (165.1 km) stage. Alpe d’Huez 21 Climb on a winding turn.

You may not even be able to finish Stage 12 on the most suitable day of my life. Even better, doing it at a distance close to 5 hours will take the winner to finish the ride. And stage 12 is just one of the 21 stages that need to be completed in the 24 days of the tour.

I am a sports physicist,And, I Modeling the Tour de France Approximately 20 years using terrain data and physics as described in Stage 12. But I still can’t understand the physical abilities needed to complete the world’s most famous bike race. Only a few elite people can complete the Tour de France stage in hours instead of days. The reason they can do what the rest of us can only dream of is that these athletes can generate enormous amounts of power. Power is the rate at which cyclists burn energy, and the energy they burn comes from the food they eat. In the process of the Tour de France, the winning cyclist burns the equivalent of about 210 Big Macs.

Cycling is a game of watts

Riders in the Tour de France transfer energy from their muscles through the bike to the wheels that are pushed back to the ground to move the bike. The faster the rider can put out energy, the greater the power. This energy transfer coefficient is often measured in watts. Tour de France cyclists can generate enormous amounts of electricity for an incredibly long period of time compared to most people.

For about 20 minutes, a healthy recreational cyclist can consistently serve 250 watts to 300 watts..Tour de France cyclists Over 400 watts in the same period..These pros are even more possible Hit 1,000 watts A short burst on a steep uphill – Almost enough power To do microwave..

But not all of the energy that Tour de France cyclists put into their bikes goes forward. Cyclist fights air resistance and friction loss between the wheels and the road. They get the help of gravity downhill, but they have to fight gravity while climbing.

It incorporates all the physics related to the cyclist’s output and the effects of gravity, drag and friction. To my model.. Using all of this, it is estimated that a typical Tour de France winner would need to output an average of about 325 watts in about 80 hours of the race. Recall that most recreational cyclists would be happy if they could generate 300 watts in just 20 minutes.

Turn food into miles

So where do these cyclists get all this energy? Of course, food!

But like any other machine, your muscles cannot directly convert 100% of your food energy into energy output. 2% efficient when used for activities such as swimming, 40% efficient for the heart.. My model uses an average efficiency of 20%. Knowing this efficiency and energy output needed to win the Tour de France will allow us to estimate the amount of food the winning cyclist will need.

The Tour de France top cyclists who have completed all 21 stages consume approximately 120,000 calories during the race, an average of 6,000 calories per stage. On some of the more difficult mountain stages, such as stage 12 of the year, racers burn nearly 8,000 calories.To make up for these enormous energy losses, riders eat delicious treats such as: Jam rolls, energy bars and an appetizing “gel” to keep your energy chewed..

Tadej Pogačar won the 2021 and 2020 Tour de France, Weighs only 146 pounds (66 kilograms). Tour de France cyclists don’t have much fat to burn for energy. They must continue to put food energy into their bodies so that they can produce energy that looks like superhuman speed. So watch the Tour de France stage this year and watch how many times the cyclist eats. Now you know the reason for the snack.

Tour de France: How many calories will the winner burn? Source link Tour de France: How many calories will the winner burn?

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