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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-10-07 16:26:45 –

Lakewood, Ohio (WJW) – It’s a good idea to make a list of holiday toys earlier this year.

Retailers are putting more pressure on local toy stores, warning of a possible shortage of toys nationwide shortly before the holiday season.

so Applejacks stoys,Location Lakewood When Chaglin Falls, Co-owners Diana Hlywiak and Allen Singleton are already feeling a pinch of global shipping delays and estimate that the cost of popular toys will be 20% higher.

“I think all retailers are feeling a bit of pressure right now,” says Hlywiak.

“Honestly, when we place those orders, we cross our fingers so that they come here before Christmas time,” Singleton said.

It all stems from global issues in supply chain and shipping container issues. Toy industry associationRepresenting toy makers, retailers and importers across the country, they call it a crisis.

“What has been built since the pandemic is really an end-to-end failure,” said Steve Pasielb, president and CEO of the Toy Association. “From factories in China to ports in Asia, here in the US, and the US truck industry. At every stage along the way, the complexities that lead to this huge backlog of containers, ships, and cargo that may not be in time for the holidays. There was. “

According to the Toy Association, more than 85% of toys sold in the United States are manufactured abroad. The industry supports more than 600,000 US jobs and has an annual economic impact of more than $ 97 billion.

Pasierb said hundreds of millions of dollars of products may not reach the country, and organizations have already heard that companies are choosing to leave products in Asia, perhaps with plans to ship to the United States next year. ..

The Toy Industry Association is actively advocating with the Federal Maritime Commission and Parliament, working to promote more “influential” legislation to allow the Federal Maritime Commission to regulate the industry in the future. He said he was.

“Your local stores will run short, and we have already booked their own ships at major retailers-your Wal-Mart, your target-and they have to put their products in. We’re seeing the gaps we’re dealing with by doing what we can, “Pasierb said.

He said anyone shopping for toys this season should start right away.

“Usually we wait for the best sales until and after Thanksgiving. These sales may not occur this year,” Pasierb said.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their children that this year may be more difficult to meet their holiday toy wishlist while large and small retailers are waiting for orders.

“Tell your kid if you’re on the holiday list to list a lot of items and understand that you’re getting a percentage,” Singleton said. “You don’t get everything you want.”

Toy stores worry about shortage, delays ahead of holidays Source link Toy stores worry about shortage, delays ahead of holidays

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