Toyota boss says carbon is an enemy, not an internal combustion engine

Toyota Boss Akio Toyoda is one of the loudest opponents of the ban on internal combustion engines. He updated his call to reconsider the measures announced by various governments around the world, warning that the ban could indirectly cause unemployment. Japan..

“Carbon is our enemy, not the internal combustion engine,” he said. Said At a press conference of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA). He is the chair of the group.He pointed out that the Japanese automobile industry reduced its CO2 Emissions Increased by 23% over the last 20 years, mainly hybrid System-like technology that Toyota pioneered before the majority of domestic and international rivals. In his view, the industry needs to “take advantage of the technological benefits we have built up and take immediate steps to maximize CO2 reductions using today’s electric vehicles.” This is a strategy that frees up resources for developing other carbon emission solutions. industry.

He stopped quoting the example, Experimental hydrogen driven Corolla race car Announced at the beginning of 2021 shows Toyota’s claim. It is equipped with a 3-cylinder engine with a turbocharger. Burn hydrogen ――It doesn’t seem Mirai-chan, Equipped with hydrogen Fuel cell It produces electricity. The prototype, like the EV, has zero local carbon emissions, but uses existing, proven technology.It is reported that Toyota is also under development Diesel electric hybrid powertrain To put that big car Commercial vehicle And SUV.

Toyota added that regulations written for Europe could have catastrophic consequences for the Japanese economy. The Japanese automobile industry employs about 5.5 million people, which is equivalent to 10% of Japan’s labor force and exports about half of the approximately 10 million automobiles annually. His team predicts that annual production of battery- and hydrogen-powered vehicles will not reach 2 million by 2030. In other words, about 8 million cars remain in Japan and cannot be exported to markets with internal combustion engines. Combustion engines are banned directly or indirectly through strict regulations. As a result, Japan can lose jobs in the “majority” of industries. “I want policy makers to understand this when tackling environmental issues,” he emphasized.

This is not the first time Mr. Toyoda has boldly and openly criticized the ban as announced in Japan. England, New York, When California.. In late 2020 he caution Forcing the industry to run out of electricity could cause Japan to run out of electricity in the summer, and its ban could make private car ownership a “high summer flower” and consume a lot. It is out of reach for people.Toyota investors Blame He questioned the ban and Toyota plans to release the first series of EVs. bZ4X, 2022.

Interestingly, Yamaha President Yoshihiro Hidaka (JAMA Vice Chairman) motorcycle Segment during the same press conference.Yamaha is planning A series of electric motorcyclesHowever, in his opinion, the best powertrain for a motorcycle depends on usage, displacement, and the needs of different communities. He is far ahead of 2050, hydrogen Synthetic fuels may be available to motorcycle manufacturers around the world.

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Toyota boss says carbon is an enemy, not an internal combustion engine

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