Toyota details the on-road and off-road features of the new Land Cruiser

Just yesterday we were blessed Official presence of the brand new Toyota Land Cruiser, That’s a big deal.Current LC200 generation Toyota The long-term SUV lasted for 14 of the model’s 70-year presence.Sadly, it’s more luxurious, but not sold in the United States Lexus The version may be in the middle.In any case, considering the global appeal Land cruiserApparently there was a surprising lack of information. A new series of videos from Toyota answers some of our protracted questions.

As you already know, the new Land Cruiser is based on an interesting platform combination. As far as we know, the pressed parts derived from the TNGA unibody should be welded and glued together with the surrounding frame to make a very sturdy chassis. Toyota says it is 20% more torsionally stiff than the outgoing version.

The revised suspension setup uses different shock arrangements and the latest electronic version of Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System. Toyota says it is 30mm more than before. A front locking differential has been added to the center and rear.

These hard parts are combined with new or revised software designed to make the latest Land Cruiser work as well as possible on all terrain. The latest Multi-Terrain Select features a new automatic mode that allows the vehicle to detect the optimal mode by changing control of the engine, suspension and brakes. The driver can manually select the sand, mud and lock modes for the low range and the dirt, sand, mud and deep snow modes for the high gear. It also includes Toyota’s famous low-speed crawl control, which includes turn assist that can lock the inner rear wheels to help the vehicle turn in tight spaces.

The new Land Cruiser’s approach, departure and breakover angles are about the same as before, but the new hardware and software ensure that the driver is properly harnessing the power from one of the two new twin turbo V6 engines. Useful. For gasoline And that For other diesel And both mated 10-speed automatic transmission..

We don’t yet know the price or exact market for the new Land Cruiser, but we know it will be available later this year. And, more importantly for us in the United States, we can’t even get a glimpse of when the new Lexus LX will be based on this latest Land Cruiser platform. In other words, stay tuned.

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Toyota details the on-road and off-road features of the new Land Cruiser

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