Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series found on sheet metal

The· Toyota Land Cruiser Although it will be discontinued in the United States after 2021, next-generation models will be active in other parts of the world. Well, prior to this summer’s release, something that wasn’t completely disguised was discovered.

The track was discovered by Instagram users hamad1two3 Somewhere in the Middle East, it looks like a shipping and receiving facility. The body panel of the vehicle is still covered with a protective plastic sheet before delivery.

Immediately you’ll see an even larger grille than the Outgoing 200 series, with an additional U-shaped bottom graphic that connects the two headlights. The bonnet features more elaborate carvings, with fenders and haunches bulging further above the square off-wheel arches than the outgoing model. At the rear, the lower window line also rises with a sharper slope.

The account is linked to Russian Land Cruiser ForumReveals the details of the 300 series through the parts drawings used in the service center. Five wheel options are offered with diameters of 17, 18 and 20 inches. Interestingly, the dash button appears to offer both front and rear diff locks (the 200 had only the rear).

It also has three different start / stop buttons, one of which bears the Gazoo Racing logo.It seems to confirm GR spec rumors Trim level.In other cases rumor If the off-road enthusiast’s grade beyond this range proves correct, buyers can remove VDIM (Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management), sequential turn signals, and hardcore four-wheel sunroofs.With front and rear locking differentials Toyota KDSS system It is said to come standard with this small 18-inch wheel wrapped in trim and off-road tires.

The vehicle in the photo looks like it has 20-inch wheels, so it’s likely a luxury car. So expect the Gazoo Racing variations to have a less flashy grille and side skirt treatment. The production version is said to be released around August (excluding the US).

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Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series found on sheet metal

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