Toyota proudly announces that the 2022 GR86 will be cheaper than the Subaru BRZ

Toyota announced the pricing of the GR86 in 2022, and 86 received a suggested retail price of $ 27,700 by the destination. It’s $ 295 cheaper than the nearly identical Subaru BRZ. But when you’re effectively building a sports coupe that sells its own literal clones across the street, all the little benefits suddenly become relevant.

Hundreds of dollars are unlikely to shake those who have brand loyalty, but it can be a decisive factor for stakeholders who otherwise consider the Toyohara twins to be identical. The problem is that although they are basically overwhelmingly similar, they actually have a unique personality, and the price difference is even smaller when considering the shipping charges of each manufacturer.

The two cars have the most similar basic formats. For Toyota, the suggested retail price is $ 27,700 plus a shipping charge of 1,025. In Subaru, there is a destination fee of $ 960 in addition to $ 27,995. This will save the GR86 $ 230 before comparing funding options or additional equipment.

This also makes the GR86 a few dollars cheaper than its predecessor, the 86. The 86 is equipped with a less powerful 2.0 liter and lacks many of the sophisticated digital features of the new model. Not everyone likes to add screen and connectivity to a simplified sports coupe, but the 2022 GR86’s larger 2.4-liter boxer engine (supplied by Subaru) offers nearly 18% higher horsepower. ) Should be highly appreciated. And more than 11 percent torque.

However, we are comparing the Toyota 86 to the BRZ, which shares those hardware upgrades. That is, both vehicles have 228hp and 184lb-ft torque, but with different adjustments to suit each brand’s tastes. The same is true for transmission rotation, power steering setup, and damping for each vehicle. This led to the claim that the GR86 was easier to throw around the racetrack than the planted BRZ. Most reviewers seem to feel that it doesn’t really make much difference from behind the steering wheel.

Toyota has said in the past that while Subaru focuses on comfort and stability, it prioritizes engine responsiveness. However, Subaru continues to categorically insist that the BRZ was not designed to give Toyota a performance advantage for a softer ride. Engineers suggest that due to slight differences in hardware, they boast a slightly lower center of gravity and may produce better lap times on advanced technical courses.

Subaru uses aluminum front knuckles instead of Toyota’s more standard steel to reduce unsprung weight. While the 86 uses carryover hardware, it also reinforces the rear trailing link bushing. The stabilizer bars on the front and ears of both vehicles are equally unique. However, the Subaru is probably lighter because the GR86’s backbar is mounted on the subframe, while the rear unit is mounted on the BRZ’s body.

This made the BRZ a bit more expensive to manufacture in the end, which Subaru suggested before it went on sale. However, according to the manufacturer’s documentation, Toyota is actually a bit lighter, and certain differences depend on the market and the spec sheet you are currently looking at. After all, they’re both very close to £ 2,800, so the size of your supper and what you leave in your trunk will determine which is heavier in the real world.

It only leaves a completely subjective look. Except for the badge, it’s hard to guess which one you’re sitting on. However, while Subaru looks a little happy from the outside, Toyota’s equally playful styling boasts a threatening scent thanks to its unique front clips and some unique headlamps.

Frankly, money isn’t really enough to make a big difference, and your driving ability is definitely more relevant than any mechanical difference between two cars. Also, many people who are interested in Toyohara twins may quickly modify it to their liking. But if you are absolutely positive, you will keep them in stock, GR86 May Suitable for those who are interested in occasional honing. The BRZ, on the other hand, seems to be designed to work as expected during the day of the truck and allow drivers to reduce those milliseconds.

Final Verdict: Unless you have in mind something specific that costs exactly $ 230, forget about the money, speak loudest, and choose the model that happens to be available. Don’t mess with choosing a $ 1,500 6-speed automatic.

[Images: Toyota; Subaru]

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Toyota proudly announces that the 2022 GR86 will be cheaper than the Subaru BRZ

Source link Toyota proudly announces that the 2022 GR86 will be cheaper than the Subaru BRZ

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