Toyota releases a significantly modified GR86 concept

Since Akio Toyoda decided to become Toyota’s de facto performance division in 2009, Gazou Racing (GR) has earned considerable cash. It’s like the North American off-road racing division of a manufacturer that is gradually replacing the Toyota Racing Development (TRD), which is still technically performing the show but is currently feeling. While GR produces global models and actually improves performance and output from the factory, TRD is basically an in-house parts catalog.

However, Gazou has some performance parts of its own, and Toyota is enthusiastically fixing the car’s junk as a way to make fun of them. The brand is now ready to launch their sale and re-released last month’s dual GR86 concept, designed to tickle the enthusiastic community, with relevant details.

The more discreet model comes with an aftermarket bumper, side skirts, fender ducking, window cowling and a discreet lip spoiler on the rear deck. It is also given a forged 19-inch TRD wheel and a more attractive fuel cap. The latter does not offer any performance benefits and does not look good. Below the body panel, the GR offered 86 new shocks and springs, an upgraded monoblock brake caliper with a ventilated rotor, and a sportier exhaust system.

Called the “Toyota GR86 GR Parts,” this model is supposed to represent what you can do with cash and the time spent in the new catalog. This model is designed to represent what is possible while keeping things legal.

If you really want to make GR parts stand out more with maniacs, we would like to introduce “Toyota GR86 GR Parts Concept”. Starting with the same, classy and unobtrusive canvas, manufacturers used bananas as a way to test the latest components under development. It doesn’t have to remain street legal and doesn’t seem to last long in most states without unnecessary attention from local governments.

Exterior upgrades include a highly aggressive front fascia with ram air intake and canards as long as Toyota fits. There is also a front lip to promote additional downforce, which is one of the main themes of the vehicle. At the rear, a huge GT wing was issued on the 86, with ventilation points along the wide rear fenders, unwanted air sneaking under the vehicle, ruining the aerodynamic design clearly prioritized with Toyota’s selected components. Prevents Carbon fiber side skirts are even more useful here. A large diffuser finishes at the rear.

The 19-inch forged aluminum wheels are familiar, but significantly wider than the standard model to accommodate the additional space allocated by the fenders with a 1.7-inch girth.

Toyota also hinted at increased rigidity and significant weight reduction for the concept model. But there aren’t enough details to explain where and how it’s done. Equally left to our imagination is the changes made to the engine. This is a 2.4-liter horizontally-opposed 4-cylinder engine (supplied by Subaru) with 228 horsepower in the current generation 86. Slightly stronger than the 2.0 liter unit. The lack of power that was installed in first-generation cars is often cited as a major drawback of cars.

Frankly, I think this comes mainly from people who have never driven. It’s not blazing fast, but the old 86 and Subaru BRZ can wind over 60mph in just over 6 seconds. It turned out to be perfectly acceptable for fun on winding backstreets and to allow drivers to actually push the limits of the vehicle while driving within the limits of the law. In contrast, more powerful vehicles may have problems maximizing driving enjoyment without breaking the speed limit. But Toyota apparently built this particular 86 to focus on the truck, so why not boost 300 horsepower?

We speculate that the concept is dedicated to assessing existing aerodynamic enhancements so that they can be sold to customers. Also, manufacturers usually do not offer insane performance packages that can overwhelm the powertrain. TRDs and GRs may offer options to increase horsepower in the future, but it’s probably wise to leave the really dangerous to an aftermarket tuning company. Factory warranty can only be extended so far, and these models are already uncharacteristically wild for companies like Toyota — I’m not dissatisfied with looking at this side of the car maker.

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Toyota releases a significantly modified GR86 concept

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