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Riverside, California 2021-06-19 15:28:04 –

Tropical Cyclone Claudettes will continue to move north along the Gulf Coast and are expected to move further inland through parts of the southeastern United States until Sunday night.

According to a recommendation issued by the National Hurricane Center at 1:00 pm CT, the maximum wind speed in the claudette is 40 mph.

The storm is expected to weaken to a tropical cyclone on Saturday, but as it travels across Carolina, it is expected to regain a tropical cyclone on Sunday night or early Monday.

Strong tropical cyclone winds extend 205 miles southeast of the center.

Claudette is located approximately 80 miles northwest of Mobile, Alabama, traveling north at 14 mph.

Uncertainty cone: View the latest NHC graphics

Satellite image: See the latest satellite imagery from NOAA for a clearer image of the storm magnitude

A turn to the northeast is expected later today, followed by an east-northeast move tonight or Sunday.

Latest Data on Tropical Cyclone Claudette

This is the latest data on tropical cyclone claudets drawn from the National Hurricane Center’s 1:00 pm CT recommendation.

  • Location: 80 miles north of Mobile, Alabama
  • maximum Sustainable wind: 40 mph
  • Move: Northeast at 14 mph
  • pressure: 1,007 MB (Millibar)
  • When the next recommendation is announced: 4:00 pm CST

Spaghetti Model: Track Tropical Cyclone Claudette Here

Track the path of the storm near Corpus Christi Source link Track the path of the storm near Corpus Christi

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