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Traffic officials share dangers of ‘Drinksgiving’ as Thanksgiving holiday season is upon us – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-25 02:09:26 –

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Las Vegas (KLAS) – Local transportation authorities encouraged road safety on Wednesday, as what many call “drinking” is causing a dangerous tendency on the roads in our valley.

Many focus on the family as Thanksgiving is approaching us, but holidays also mean a lot of problems on the streets.

“There are so many people going to their families,” said Las Vegas driver Christan Hill.

There were some crashes on Wednesday. One is fatal and the other is suspected of drunk driving.

“That’s my big concern,” Hill said. “Because I’m about to go home to my family and children.”

Hill told 8News. Now she and the other drivers are worried as tourists and locals go out for drinks and grab the steering wheel.

Retired police officer Dave Cole Meyer said this caused many to call themselves “drinking” the day before Turkey’s day.

“As a police officer for 17 years,” Colemeyer explained. “I saw an increase in drunk driving and death on this particular night.”

Nevada Police Andrew Bennett told 8 News. Currently, there are already about 340 road fatalities in our state in 2021, so he asks everyone to consider the results.

“This year is by far the worst year in 10 years,” Bennett said of the 2021 road accident.

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“Until you experience knocking on the door,” Bennett added. “You may not think it will be you.”

He and others emphasized the importance of finding a safe way back to keep yourself and those around you away from life-and-death decisions.

“There are so many people affected,” Hill concludes. “By one person’s decision to drink and drive.”

Nevada Police has partnered with Lyft to offer discount codes on holiday weekends.

If your fare is $ 10 off until Sunday, November 28th, please use the code “SafeTurkey2021”.

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