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Trafficking investigations lead to the arrest of a man who paid 15 for sexual activity, police say • Long Beach Post News – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-02-13 10:53:31 –

A 29-year-old Lapuente man was arrested on Friday in a trafficking investigation, police said. He has been accused of paying a 15-year-old girl for sexual activity.

According to Long Beach police, John Ward Elera was detained at around 12:30 pm on suspicion of lewdness with children, prostitution, and oral mating with minors.

Herrera was accused of teenage trafficking by two people Arrested on February 6 during a traffic outage, The police said.

Police officers pulled men and women around 9 am near Pacific Coast Highway and Lemon Avenue because they didn’t have a license plate, and noticed the girl sitting in the backseat.

According to police, police found that 27-year-old Reson Richard, a driver registered as a sex offender under the supervision of the post-release community, was unlicensed.

According to police, passenger 21-year-old Samantha Davis also had an unpaid warrant on suspicion of prostitution.

A deputy detective called to the scene determined that Richard violated several conditions of release from prison, saying, “In an investigation, both male and female adult suspects trafficked female boy victims. It became clear that they were doing it, “said the agency.

According to police, Richard and Davis were arrested on charges of trafficking, pimping and pandaling of minors.

The girl was placed in custody with the Los Angeles County Children’s and Family Services Department.

According to police, Elera has been accused of contacting her teen using a commercial sex website and paying her to have sex outside her home. He is detained on bail of $ 100,000.

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