Tragedy of statutory supporters pushing Trump’s election plot | US politics

The crew of conservative lawyers, who are still pushing disinformation that reflects Donald Trump’s false allegations that elections are fraudulent, are now defaming federal investigations that could undermine their legal career. Fighting litigation and bar association scrutiny.

Former Justice Department officials say Trump’s statutory supporters have weakened their confidence in the US electoral system through the lasting repetition of his groundless claims. They say some are actively supporting Republicans’ willingness in major states to change election laws that are considered to undermine the voting rights of colored communities.

Take up former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, a Trump-backed conspiracy promoter.

After a short work on Trump’s legal team last December, after a voting machine company made a barbaric allegation of fraudulent elections for alleging a relationship with Venezuela and filed a $ 1.3 billion defamation proceeding. Powell ridiculed him for telling Dallas late in the month. QAnon’s meeting that Trump could “revive” this summer.

There is also Election Law veteran Crete Mitchell, who was on Trump’s infamous January call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Lafence Purger. There, Trump urged him to “find” more than 11,000 votes to prevent Joe Biden’s victory. Mitchell is currently leading the $ 10 million FreedomWorks Drive in seven states to strengthen election law in ways that are considered squeezing election rights.

At Trump’s high-pressure call, the Fulton County District Attorney launched a criminal investigation.

Meanwhile, Atlanta lawyer L. Lin Wood, who was unable to overturn Biden’s victory by working with Powell in Georgia to file an unfounded proceeding alleging fraud, told Talking Point Memo that the strangeness in Arizona’s largest county. He said he had donated $ 50,000 to fund a scam “audit.” Although Biden’s victory has been proven.

Known for his enthusiastic advocacy of Trump, including accusing Vice President Mike Pence of being executed by a firing squad, Lynn is another legal headache in Georgia. I have Exams after conducting an extensive review of his alleged legal misconduct.

In addition, Georgia’s electoral authorities began investigating allegations in February that Wood may have voted illegally in the state last year after buying a home in nearby South Carolina. Wood denied the illegal vote.

But among Trump’s ardent legal allies, Trump’s private lawyer during the campaign, Rudy Giuliani, said he was working abroad in Ukraine while working to collect soil in Biden to boost Trump. Election opportunities face the greatest threat in the expansion of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as to whether they broke the lobbying disclosure law by representing civil servants.

Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell in Washington in November. Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

A federal investigation led by a U.S. prosecutor at Giuliani’s former New York office attacked Giuliani’s home and office in Manhattan in April, seizing more than 10 mobile phones and other electronic devices. We got evidence of potential damage late in the day.

Other Trump-backed lawyers are also feeling legal enthusiasm.

Former federal prosecutor Joe Digenova and his wife Victoria Toning share a $ 1 million deal with an emerging Ukrainian conglomerate fighting a surrender to the United States for bribery and Giuliani’s Ukrainian efforts It is reported to have helped. Using a search warrant, a federal agent brought a Tonings cell phone in late April on the same day as Giuliani’s assault, but Tonings said she was said not to be a “target.” ..

Former Justice Department officials have expressed disappointment with the actions of Trump’s legal allies.

Donald Ayer, a former deputy prosecutor of the George HW Bush administration, said he was surprised that Giuliani, Powell and Digenova “became Trump’s cheerleaders and attacked democracy.”

“I knew them all over the last few decades when they each had respect and some distinction,” Ayer said. “Given that background, it’s a real headache for me to be completely separated from reality in order to pursue causes that are of no value at all.”

Veterans in other departments say Trump-backed lawyers probably have mercenary motives.

“Lawyers who make ridiculous and counterfactual statements to the general public usually do it only when there is something for them, which usually means money,” said the Department of Justice. Paul Peltier, a former deputy head of the fraud department, said.

But there is no doubt that Trump’s legal allies are feeling a painful fallout from accusations of suspects.

Both Powell and Giuliani have been defamed by Dominion Voting Systems for a conspiracy statement linking a Denver-based election equipment company to a malicious fraud program. ..

Powell and Giuliani separately argued that the proceedings should be dismissed. Powell emphasized that her suspicious allegations were protected by the first amendment of the right to freedom of speech.

Still, Powell’s defense discomforted that her lawyer only accused Dominion of having something to do with left-handed Venezuela, saying, “Reasonable people make such a statement a fact. I don’t accept it, I only see it as a claim waiting for the test. ” By the court through the process of adversary. “

However, the legal threat facing Giuliani is by prosecutors as to whether he is an unregistered foreign agent of Ukrainian officials who was assisting lawyers in finding harmful information about Biden2 It is significantly higher due to the expansion of the survey a year ago.

The criminal investigation involved Giuliani’s role in Trump’s dismissal of U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch in May 2019, a move promoted by Giuliani and two close associates separately charged with violating election funds, and In Trump’s first impeachment, he reportedly focused on important issues.

Giuliani accused the federal investigation after a recent FBI investigation that obtained legal equipment. He said he wasn’t lobbying anyone in the US government on behalf of foreign officials, and the investigation told Fox News that he was “trying to assemble him.”

However, more harmful details of Giuliani’s Protrump Ukrainian Blitzkrieg were released by CNN last week after getting a secret record from 2019. Giuliani actively rebuked Ukrainian officials to help Trump by investigating an unfounded conspiracy involving Biden, whose son was on the board of directors of a Ukrainian gas company.

In addition, a New York judge who acts at the request of a federal prosecutor after Giuliani’s lawyer cites lawyer / client privileges that limit the use of materials that could cause damage from the assault has been seized. Taped a retired judge as a “special master” to review the material. Determine what the investigator can use in pursuing criminal liability.

Tragedy of statutory supporters pushing Trump’s election plot | US politics

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