Training Camp Practice Notes: July 29 – Boston, Massachusetts

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Head coach Nick Sirianni showed the Eagles a crucial moment from Kobe Bryant’s career at a team meeting. It was neither his five NBA championships nor his 81-point performance.

Instead, it was his four airball outings from the series’ rookie year-decided to lose to Utah Jazz in the semifinals of the Western Conference. Naturally, Bryant was a loss scapegoat. Brian improved his energy from disappointment and focused on not catering under the wall of criticism.

“He was just trying to show that even the greats were failing,” Lane Johnson said. “It doesn’t matter who you are in this league. It’s all about how to deal with adversity and how to recover. If you have a bad person, move on to the next person. Short-term memory Do your best to have .. That applies to all positions. “-Chris McPherson

Here are the practice notes for the Eagles Training Camp on Thursday, July 29th:

• It was certain to go to see the wide receiver in each period for two consecutive days. For 2 consecutive days I enjoyed watching Nick Sirianni in those trainings.. During the session, the head coach was very loud and helped each player try to stick out the ball after securing a pass. He brings a large amount of juice to the practice area. -Ben Fennell

• The first team period begins and competition on the left tackle continues. Jordan Myrata nods to the starter on Thursday I didn’t study Myrata in every play after Andre Dillard got the majority of contacts on the first day, but he saw a one-on-one drill in the morning, so he It suits each person in charge. .. -Fran Duffy

• While Fran was watching the starter in the middle field, I posted near the first field where “2s and 3s” came to work 11 to 11. Second Year Safety K’Von Wallace is working in this group today, like linebacker Eric Wilson, after working with the starter on Wednesday. Marcus Epps and TJ Edwards took turns with them and gained their responsibilities in other areas. It will be fun because there are a lot of movements From practice to practice! -Ben

• During the next period, the entire team gathered in the middle field for teamwork. Before the period began, Brandon Brooks entered a training tent with some medical staff. Brooks suffered a hamstring injury and was evaluated prophylactically. Matt Pryor intervened for him at the guard spot on the right for the rest of the day.The offensive highlight of this session may have come from a backup Immediately after receiving a handoff from Joe Flacco, he ran back to the wiggle Kerion Johnson and ran around for great profits. After the juke behind the line of scrimmage. -Fran

• The breakdown of other injuries other than Brooks is as follows. Wide receivers Jalen Reagor (lower body) and Greg Ward (non-COVID disease) were actually limited, but Travis Fullgum suffered lower body injuries and Quez Watkins suffered from non-COVID disease. .. Guard Isaac Seumaro is weekly with a hamstring injury. Defensive back Shakial Taylor (daily, lower body) and Nate Medoras (weekly hamstring) missed Thursday. -C-Mac

• In the final play of the period, Jenard Avery excited the team by chasing the ball outside the numbers and punching into the ground as teammates swarmed along the sidelines. Obtaining the ball early in the training camp is undoubtedly a defensive focus. All play seems to end with the defender trying to punch the ball out of the offensive player’s grasp. -Fran

•• The crowd barks early in the 7-7 drill after a deep ball from quarterback Jalen Hurts to rookie Devonta Smith... The top 10 picks chased a deep ball over their shoulders and came down with the ball when nearby fans shouted in unison. It was arguably the most exciting from the crowd in the first two days, and hopefully it’s a sign of what’s to come. -Ben

• I missed Smith’s big success because I was watching Lineman in one-on-one training. Brandon Graham, Jabon Hargrave, Jason Kelce and Josh Sweat all had clear wins early on, but the two young men also flashed. At Luke Juliga, the center for the second year, there were two energetic personnel. Rookie defensive end Tarron Jackson had one of my favorite rushes on the drillDefeated Casey Tucker on the outside. -Fran

• The next team period has begun. This was one of the best Hurts sequences to date. The second year quarterback turned off Dallas Gedelt’s play action on the first snap, broke his pocket, floated the pass to the third Arsega-Whiteside, and scrambled the first down on the fourth down. Then he hit his classmate John High Tower at the intersection and routed in his sixth play. The High Tower also showed some slow bursts on the catch, pulling away from the chase and running down the left sideline. Another outstanding player of this time was Fletcher CoxAlthough I wrote down the name over and over again throughout the day, he chased Boston Scott at Early Lampley and wrapped up his ball career on two other occasions in this session. -Fran

• My favorite observations may be made before and after practice. After the practice was over, the defense player caught my eye before leaving the field for the car while working sideways with the assistant. Rookie Zeck McPherson was working on his technique as a punt gunner, Repeat the person in charge for a few minutes before leaving the field. Did he enter the changing room immediately? No. He rushed to Rita’s water ice stand and got a lot of snacks for his teammates in the DB room. Life of a newcomer! -Ben

• The Novacare Complex cafeteria shows some return to normal.

Players continue to mention how easy it is to build bonds and relationships with each other during meals after being separated by the COVID protocol last season.

“I could just put the table back in the dining room, sit down and eat or talk to someone, which I couldn’t do last year,” said Jason Kelsey of the center. “You don’t understand it, but when it comes back, it looks like this: “Oh, my god, it’s like one of my favorite things about playing soccer.”

“One of the things I look forward to at the camp is eating with everyone, which also feels normal,” Johnson said.

“Only the little things we took for granted. It feels like football is back,” added defensive harness Jabon Hargrave. -Jillian Odd

•• Second year safety K’Von Wallace has gained a new hobby in the ring. Boxing is Wallace’s new obsession after seeing NBA star Damian Lillard show off his skills on social media. He studied its benefits … and got hooked.

“I made it one of my hobbies, so it can ultimately help me in the field,” Wallace said.

At the moment his favorite boxer is Gervonta Davis. -Jillian

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