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Crowley County, Colorado — Nearly 20,000 people have been imprisoned in state and private prisons in Colorado. The majority of those prisoners will be released when they finish their sentence.

A new program at the Crowley Count Corrections Facility, run by CoreCivic, hopes to make the transition more successful by teaching prisoners valuable work skills before they are released.

The Home Builders Institute (HBI) Construction Career Training Program teaches carpentry skills that prisoners can use when applying for work.

Devin Castro recently applied for a half-baked home and applied for the first HBI course in Crowley County.

His enthusiasm for the program is easy to see.

“This is a kennel under construction. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s going to be two levels,” he said.

Castro is one of more than 12 prisoners enrolled in the program. One of the previous lessons was building walls and installing drywall.

Castro said the drywall lessons were particularly impressive.

“As soon as I finished using the wall, he was fine. Are you ready. Then he hit the wall with a hammer. I’m right.”

The lesson that followed was to patch drywall. HBI students held a graduation ceremony on Wednesday. Students have received industry-recognized certificates that qualify them for various construction jobs.

“The HBI placement rate as a company is very high, and I think we can place more than 80% of people who have graduated from this program,” explains Warden Barry Goodrich.

HBI students also have access to pre-training training, other accreditation programs, and employment services.

The program lasted 12 weeks, and Goodrich said there was a screening process in which prisoners could participate.

“The decision must be less than 18 months and there can be no reports or COPD violations,” Goodrich said. “That means you’re compliant and doing what you’re supposed to be doing.”

This program is designed to teach the skills of a particular job, but Castro said it gave him something of much more value. I hope.

“I’m only 23 and the future is a little dim. I didn’t really know what I wanted in my life, and in general I didn’t really know what I wanted. My life. But I got this. Now that I’ve put it in, I know I really have a future. “

“Goodrich enrolls in four HBI classes each year and wants to graduate from 50 to 60 prisoners.

Training program builds inmates job skills Source link Training program builds inmates job skills

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