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Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) — Mayor Cooper last week Announced his proposed budgetWe promise to fund the chain of transportation priorities. He recovered the budget from the reduced past funds from WeGo Public Transit, created 42 new positions under the new Ministry of Transport, funded more bike lanes, traffic calming projects, and 75 miles of sidewalks. It states that it will provide.

“In total dollars, this will be the largest transportation fund we have ever seen,” he said.

He also promised that the traffic control center would help with traffic and helped with “smart traffic lights.”

It’s a bold plan, and transit proponents admire it.

Jessica Dauphin, President and CEO of the Transit Alliance in Central Tennessee, said: ..

Her organization is working on an email campaign to convince the mayor’s office that recovering WeGo Public Transit funding should be a priority.

She said she sighed with relief and heard his announcement.

“Especially when everything shrank and I didn’t know where it was heading, I ended the year with a critical budget.”

After years of flat funding or cash cuts, the city’s transportation system has been forced to cut and change services several times.

“The mayor’s proposal to stabilize WeGo public transport funding at pre-pandemic levels is a very powerful step towards strengthening public transport in Nashville,” WeGo CEO Steve Brand said in a statement. Stated.

Recently Vital signs report According to the Chamber of Commerce, the top two transportation priorities for the residents surveyed include increased transportation connections between communities in central Tennessee and improved walking safety in the city. I am.

And supporters point out that WeGo’s $ 25 million is only recovering money, not enough to enhance future services.

“There was an additional WeGo request to reach the first stage of deploying better bus service enhancements. We have a higher frequency and longer service in our city’s new transportation plans. We’re talking about time-type stuff, “Dauphin explained.

“The Metro Transit Authority’s board will discuss the use of the Federal Pandemic Relief Fund to’jump start’the first phase of better bus service expansion as early as October this year,” Brand said in a statement. I am.

Some have called for additional funding to be included in the metro budget.

The Metro Council must vote on whether to approve the mayor’s budget until the end of June.

Transit advocates applaud Mayor’s budget Source link Transit advocates applaud Mayor’s budget

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