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Transitional housing community opens in Spartanburg Co. – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2022-06-12 06:42:13 –

Spartanberg County, South Carolina (WSPA) — For the last decade, Jump start He has served 3,500 imprisoned men and women. This weekend, they opened their first home in a new restoration village in Welford. When completed, there will be more than 20 homes on the premises.

“The ultimate plan is to have 106 people here each year to transition from prisoners to productive citizens,” said Cary Sanders, Executive Director of JUMP START.

Participants in JUMPSTART will move home once they are released from prison. As part of the program, they connect with work opportunities. They also take classes.

“We have a case manager,” said Don Williams, Director of Community Relations at JUMP START. “They are [residents] Learn financial literacy, including how to make a budget. You will also learn about reintegration into employees, such as interview skills and soft skills. “

“We have partnered with nine other agencies in Spartanberg County to provide a comprehensive approach to services that provide everything you need, from prisoners to productive citizens,” Sanders said. I added.

Jennifer was one of the first participants to move to the restoration village.

“I’ve been to jail three times,” she explained. “The first two times I didn’t know anything about JUMP START. When I went out, I thought I would be in the same situation as before. That’s right.”

Jennifer said she is determined to change her life this time.

“I know I won’t fail this time, so I’ll give it all, everything I have.”

According to Sanders, the goal is to prepare residents like Jennifer for life in prison and to enable them to be self-sufficient.

“When men and women who are out of step in life experience recovery, we all win. Not only that individual wins, but also the family and the community as a whole.”

Mr Sanders said his team hopes to build the entire village over the next three years.

Transitional housing community opens in Spartanburg Co. Source link Transitional housing community opens in Spartanburg Co.

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