Travel Insurance During a Coronavirus Pandemic: What You Need to Know

“It was a very quick and agile reaction,” said Sandberg of

Travel insurance usually depends on factors such as the traveler’s age, destination, length of travel, and cost (most often in the range of 4-10% of travel costs). However, some destinations offer a flat rate, and most policies detail the limits and conditions of coverage of costs associated with emergency medical services, evacuation, and quarantine.

Jamaica needs insurance, but hasn’t said when the new rules will come into effect, but will charge $ 40 per traveler. The Bahamas includes insurance in the cost of a travel health visa. This is an application that requires a negative Covid-19 result and costs $ 40 to $ 60 depending on the length of stay (free for children under 10 years old). The Turks and Caicos Islands offer $ 9.80 a day insurance, and Costa Rica insurance costs about $ 10 a day if purchased locally.

Expect more of this list of destinations. In January, the Andalusia region of Spain will need travel health insurance and is working to find a provider that will make it easier for travelers to buy.

Policies targeting Covid-19 as medical events that can cause travel cancellations and confusion, or policies subject to medical care and evacuation, have changed the mind of travelers when they learn that quarantine is needed. Not necessarily targeted. Arrived even if they don’t have the virus. Also, policies are not always associated with on-site conditions, such as a surge in infectious diseases, State Department travel warnings, government travel bans, and suspension of round-trip flights to destinations.

These events have a Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR). This is an upgrade to a plan that typically returns only 50-75% of non-refundable travel costs.

“Before the pandemic, we didn’t necessarily recommend CFAR because most of the tourist concerns were covered by standard plans,” said Baltic at “It was about 40% higher and didn’t want travelers to pay for additional coverage.” Currently she is interested in upgrades, including 22% of policies sold on the site since mid-March. Added that it is skyrocketing.

Industry experts have said that some of these open issues have become a lasting reality, as they did after 9/11 in covering travelers in the case of previously non-standard terrorist attacks. As we adapt, we anticipate that it may help future policies.

Travel Insurance During a Coronavirus Pandemic: What You Need to Know

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