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Tom Miller’s writing work has sent him all over the world, from Cuba to Spain and throughout the Southwestern United States. After nearly 50 years of underground journalism and his travels, Miller’s latest project in Tucson looks inward. Where was I? The memoirs of travel writers document Miller’s achievements from the 1968 Democratic National Convention to the turmoil in Nigeria. Not only is it a personal memoir, Miller says the book also serves as a guide for travel writers, and general writers.

This book is both an essay and journalism, drawn from documents, notes, memories, and stories from friends and family. After all, he didn’t care about the distinction between a writer and a journalist, as Miller explains in the book’s introduction. A good journalist should use literary hints when requested, a good writer should observe closely, and a good reader should appreciate both.

“There are no special rules I want to follow. The rules of writing are to be broken, and I’ve done it several times in this book,” Miller said. “I tried not to look at other memoirs because I was worried that they might copy their technique. But I had a general framework for memoirs and followed it. . “

The book records decades of travel, but it begins with a more modern development: Miller lists his daily struggle against Parkinson’s disease. Miller described the illness as “taking a trip away from writing a trip,” and eventually made it basically impossible to travel at all. But to continue his writing, he decided to write about his history. Overall, he says it’s an optimistic book, even though the memoirs are reserved by the illness.

“I’m optimistic because I was able to pull it off, so to speak,” Miller said. “At some point a few years ago, I realized that I was looking forward to it and had little to look forward to, but in retrospect I knew I needed to write about my entire career. I’m optimistic about that approach and I’ve seen it work. ”

Some chapters are explicitly based on locations such as “Colorado,” “South Africa,” and “Tucson,” while others are based on his work in The New York Times, Freelance, and Travelogue. increase. For travelogue lessons, Miller explains that the best of them goes under the skin of the place to feel the rhythm. He says he doesn’t trust the travelogue that starts with a cabby driving a car from the airport or closes by quoting a bartender on the last phone call. Or, more generally, “Avoid plague-like clichés, like plague.”

“This book has a certain continuity, both geographically and literary, and although they weren’t the goals written, these two approaches have always been in my mind. “Miller said. “Not just from one end of the speedway to the other, but the entire Western Hemisphere, and even more. This book wasn’t just written for the Tucson people, but the Tucson people certainly do it from a literary level. Will appreciate it. “

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