Treasuring guns over people: Only a global pandemic could briefly pause America’s gun epidemic – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-03-24 06:01:50 –

Ten victims of Boulder and eight of Atlanta were survivors. They managed to overcome the biggest public health crisis of our lives. The insidious and relentless virus destroyed the Earth for 12 months, killing 500,000 Americans with terrifying speed and breathtaking brutality.

They endured blockades, closures and unemployment, overcame isolation, fear and sadness, overcame school closures and social restrictions, and persistently avoided the pervasive illnesses that many others had succumbed to. They survived an unprecedented planetary pandemic, but could not survive it. They couldn’t survive the American gun epidemic. It has proven to be more deadly than viruses.

They were assassinated by a heavily armed stranger when they imagined a life of navigating a grocery store aisle, going to work, waiting for a vaccine, and heading for something similar to normal. Year: Destroyed them.

That’s because for this country, the destruction of its quick and meaningless self-harm is more normal than any other country. We have been collectively ill for a long time. Before one case of the virus was diagnosed, we were already fatally injured by Columbine, Sandy Hook, Charleston, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, Orlando, Parkland, and countless other mass murders. Eventually it subsided.

Long before I knew the terms coronavirus, social distance expansion, and flattening of the epidemic, I was familiar with the AR-15, God and guns, thoughts and prayers, and the firm resistance of conservatives to change something. It was.

And after the vaccine works and allows the world to leave unnecessary deaths, in us in the United States, many of us are willing to inoculate victims of artificial illness. I will increase it more and more. It’s career.

After all, that’s the story here. By moving forward, America’s greatest threat remains internal work. When the whole world puts this pandemic in its collective rearview mirror and begins to find some degree of normality, we leave this very specific shared illness as the default setting.

We will continue to be a country held hostage by bloodthirsty parties by worshiping guns, harassing them to rebelliously tackle their spread, sadistic worship, or infectious atrocities. Let’s do it. We execute meaningless mass death sentences first, and then witness politicians, ministers, and friends who are at least impressed by them.

We are NRA enthusiasts, thoughts and prayers, pageants and soulless gun lobbyists, colluding politicians, religious enthusiasm and military weapons of God and guns, and grocery stores, churches, schools and shopping malls. Desperately suffering from the war zone of.

And soon, the 18 beautiful ex-humans who died in Atlanta and Boulder this week in a millisecond became stats that are barely remembered, with more numbers with names, stories, and inaudible lives. Will be replaced soon. Sad or respected. They are the tolerable collateral damage of voluntary poisoning to the rich tools of the rapid genocide, which is a large corporation that finances Congress, lawmakers, and campaigns.

The coronavirus has historically brutalized the planet, but in the end it is pale when compared to our greed, fear and morbid truth that almost half of the country values ​​guns more than humans. right. This national epidemic will continue to kill us until we stop it.

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