Treasury facilitates US aid to Afghanistan under Taliban sanctions

The man, obtained by Reuters on September 15, 2021, has a central bank managed by the Taliban in Afghanistan seized large amounts of cash and money from former government officials, including former Vice President Amrulasare of Afghanistan. It is drawn as if it were.

Bank of Daafghanistan | Handouts | Via Reuters

Washington – Last month, after Islamic extremist groups seized control of the Taliban, the Treasury supported sanctions on the Taliban and granted a license on Friday to promote the transfer of U.S. humanitarian and financial aid to the Afghan people. Issued.

NS Two general licenses It aims to mitigate the catastrophic US sanctions imposed on the Taliban from affecting Afghan civilians. Sanctions freeze US assets belonging to the Taliban and prohibit US citizens from engaging in transactions involving donations of funds, goods, or services.

“The Treasury is committed to facilitating the flow of humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan and other activities that support their basic human needs,” said the US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control. Andrea Gacki said in a statement.

Gacki added that the Biden administration will work with financial institutions, NGOs and international organizations to facilitate the flow of agricultural products, medicines and other resources while denying assets to Tullivan and other sanctioned organizations. rice field.

The UN Children’s Fund warns: 1 One million Afghan children are at risk of hunger This year, we called on wealthy nations to set aside political considerations and increase humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

“We rely on humanitarian aid solely for the survival of nearly 10 million girls and boys,” said UNICEF’s Executive Secretary. Henrietta Fore said earlier this month At a UN ministerial-level conference on the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

“At least one million children will suffer from severe acute malnutrition this year and may die without treatment,” Fore said.

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden In his debut speech to the United Nations, he defended his decision to end the US-led war in Afghanistan.

“As this period of relentless war ends, a new era of relentless diplomacy opens up.” Biden told the bodies of 193 members on Tuesday.. Biden explained that US military power “must be our last resort, not our first resort. It should not be used as an answer to all the problems we see around the world.”

NS Foreign and U.S. forces withdraw from AfghanistanThe Taliban carried out a series of shocking battlefield profits, resulting in the seizure of Kabul’s presidential palace on August 15.

Since then, Biden administration officials have said the United States will continue to allow humanitarian activities in Afghanistan, despite blacklisting the Taliban. Global terrorist group..

Treasury facilitates US aid to Afghanistan under Taliban sanctions

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