Treasury yields soar for 10 years on Wednesday

The US Treasury’s 10-year yield reached 1.67% late Tuesday night, the highest since mid-May. This is because strong corporate profits have boosted the economic situation.

Benchmark yield 10-year government bond It was 1.648% of 4:00 am EST on Wednesday morning.Yield 30-year government bond It was 2.102%. Yield is inversely proportional to price.

The 10-year rate rebounded, hitting a low of about 1.51% last week.

S & P 500 Profit for 5 consecutive days Equity futures were flat overnight in a bright earnings report on Tuesday.

Strong earnings raise expectations for a continued US economic recovery and ease concerns that this could be off course due to Covid-19 cases and inflation. The Federal Reserve Board has shown that the central bank is approaching its economic goals and will begin to normalize monetary policy by tapering asset purchases.

There are no major economic data releases scheduled for Wednesday.

Federal Reserve Board President Randal Quarles will discuss the economic outlook at the Milken Institute Global Conference on Wednesday at 1:00 pm EST.

An auction of $ 60 billion in invoices for 27 days, $ 40 billion in invoices for 119 days and $ 24 billion in 20-year bonds will be held on Wednesday.

Treasury yields soar for 10 years on Wednesday

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